Philip's past comes back to bite him when the father of the girl who OD'd in his room shows up. John and Eduardo wait for instructions on the next step to getting Marlena and Arianna back. Days Of Our Lives’ News: Jen Lilley Reportedly Leaving ‘DOOL,’ Theresa Donovan Leaving Salem? Phillip stops by to see Belle and to say hello and to discuss business and then he kisses her like they are already a couple again.
Deimos is having a drink by himself, then he opens his shirt and looks at the scare from the cut Victor gave him. He asks about her mom and she says everything is fine but Phillip thinks she is hiding something.
She gets very emotional over little things and Dario apologizes thinking he said something to hurt her.
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You can also play any of the Individual Challenges including the world famous 2048, then use your winnings to create an awesome Avatar! Philip guesses he now owes his uncle, but Philip is surprised when Deimos says he's the one who owes Philip (for getting him the serum).
Dario offers to take Maggie home but she doesn’t seem comfortable and had no idea he was back in town.
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Later, Rafe shows up and vaguely tells Gabi that all of this is because of their father's past. She has Chase arrested, and she does her best to help her daughter through this horrifying time. She wonders if she's making a mistake getting involved with a man like Philip, but one thing leads to another, and the two of them share a kiss that is witnessed by Claire.
They receive proof Marlena and Arianna are alive, but are ordered to drink some mystery liquid from a thermos.

Unable to stop thinking about it, Theo, Joey and Claire go back to the warehouse, but it's empty.
He tells Nicole that his father was a trained assassin and Nicole looks at him with a “yeah right” kind of smile but then she realizes he isn’t joking. Deimos tells him that he met a beautiful woman and she convinced me to get rid of the anger I have for you. They discuss how awful their fathers were, then Maggie is walking through the square and sees Nicole – she almost falls but Nicole holds on to her. Summer, one of the most painful things in my life was losing you but now it is a gift that we have met. Summer clearly has a problem by taking other people’s belongings and either keeping or selling them.

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