Check out day-to-day spoilers and a preview video below to find out what's happening on DAYS OF OUR LIVES during the week of November 11th. After a one-week hiatus, our Soap of the Week reader poll is back, and running one again Friday thought Monday. Check out day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on Days of our Lives during the week of March 23rd. If you are a big fan of the Days of Our Lives, you would surely love to get a hand with more details and probably love to know some spoilers. On Monday, the "You are No Longer My Son" episode was aired and Kyla was not comfortable when Paige asked her about JJ's dad.

The NBC television network broadcast this and is one of the longest-running scripted television programs on the planet. Susan Seaforth Hayes is the only cast member that has stayed on the show in all six decades that it is aired. Jennifer then joined Julie to interfere with Eve and Bradley finds himself being drawn back into Kirsten's hand.
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DOOL air closely every weekday ever since November 8, 1965 and seen in lots of countries across the world.

The Tuesday episode entitles "You Still Want Me", shows EJ laying into Chad for revealing his secret to Stefano while Sami had a fight with Will when she knew about his most recent piece of writing. This TV series will surely keep you thinking by now of what will happen next, so you should never miss a day.

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