According to Soap Opera Spy, it seems that the rumors are true and that Molly Burnett will be reprising her role as Melanie Jonas on Days of Our Lives.
If Brady ends up back with Theresa and Melanie returns, it will be a huge strain on their relationship, which seems to always be teetering between love and hate. Melanie’s ex-boyfriend, Dario Hernandez, the brother of Gabi and Rafe Hernandez, is also headed back to Days of Our Lives in the very near future, so if Melanie were to stick around, she could possibly rekindle her spark with Dario. While Shawn-Douglas Brady is already back in Salem, the actor who portrays the role, Jason Cook, isn’t long for Days of Our Lives. It is great to see so many members of the Days of Our Lives family coming back to be a part of the NBC soap during its 50th anniversary.
Check out day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on Days of our Lives during the week of April 27th. After a one-week hiatus, our Soap of the Week reader poll is back, and running one again Friday thought Monday. Now that the truth has come out about Baby Parker's true paternity, Chloe seems to be at her wit's end. Stephanie was right about the effects of Parker's paternity on her relationship with Nathan.
Riddled with guilt and now alone, Stephanie agrees to have Grandmother Caroline move in with her during her recovery from theParker-paternity-induced stroke.
Having just learned thatKate and Brady pulled a Vivian on Vivian herself, Victor can now concentrate on regaining control of his company.
On their new, albeit forced, island home, Viv and Gus paid homage to everything from The Brady Bunch to Gilligan's Island when Gus reached his lacky-limit with Madame and drew a literal line in the sand, dividing their island into his and hers. Poor Johnny Dimera, it's not enough he's relegated to wearing a patch, without the benefit of former DAYS bad-boy-turned-hero, Stephen "Patch" Johnson to encourage him, not to mention he is being raised by EJ andNicole. Coming up: Despite his efforts to the contrary, Chad longs for family ties, even if they're with The DiMeras.
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Johnny Depp asks courts to deny Amber Heard's request for spousal supportJohnny Depp petitioned the courts to stop Amber Heard’s request for spousal support. She is the reason he even learned he had a son, but all of Melanie's (Molly Burnett) hard work trying to reunite Brady (Eric Martsolf) with his infant son could have backfired on her on Days of Our Lives.

She is the reason he even learned he had a son, but all of Melanie's (Molly Burnett) hard work trying to reunite Brady (Eric Martsolf) with his infant son could have backfired on her on Days of Our Lives. However, now that the two are officially parents together, Melanie is potentially being left out, and as a result, she may now be worrying if she genuinely still has a place in Brady's life. Check out day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on Days of our Lives during the week of December 8th. Mandrake that Brady thinks that she had his child, and that means that Victor is now spying on her.
If not, poor Mel will return to Salem to find her father dead and also have to deal with two of her ex-boyfriends. Martha Madison will be reprising the role of Belle Black and bring with her with daughter Claire, who is now a teenager. Recently, the big anniversary party was thrown for all members past and present of the DOOL family, and fans were ecstatic to see all the former and current cast members come together to celebrate such an amazing milestone.
Luckily for her, just as she's about to be forced out of Daniel's home, she learns that Melanie is pregnant. After their fight, he runs to Melanie, who, because of her latest revelation, momentarily rejects him. Speaking of Viv: Can someone explain how she went months in a poison-painted sarcophagus without any mental affect, but one day on the island and she's having bizarre dreams about a shirtless Brady? This week Nicole urges EJ to take him back to the doctor, suspecting his cancer has spread to his other eye. While DAYS rumor mills suggest it's none other than Stefano, I'm more inclined to think it will be another baddie from DAYS gone-by resurfacing to wreck havoc on Salem. Maggie learns of Vivian's latest fate and offers a reconciliation with Victor in exchange forViv's freedom. As a kid, in the days before On Demand and residential cable television, not even a sunny summer day could keep Jonathan away from his favorite talk shows, daytime dramas or afternoon reruns. It is anticipated that Johnny and Amber’s divorce will be very messy, according to USA Today. Mandrake, Melanie realized that Brady and Theresa (Jen Lilley) had indeed conceived a child together, one that had been stolen from them by Kristen (Eileen Davidson). Due to all the speculation that Melanie’s father, Daniel Jonas, will be leaving the show, it makes sense.

If those rumors are true, then Melanie may be coming home to say a final goodbye to her father, with whom she will have had far too little time in her young life.
As Days of Our Lives fans may remember, Theresa is the reason that Melanie was forced to leave Salem in the first place. Jason 47 reveals that Brandon Beemer will take over the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady from Jason Cook in 2016, just like he did 10 years ago in 2006. The anniversary is made better by the fact that ratings are up and the new writers have transformed the soap opera into something so fun for viewers to watch, restoring it back to its glory days and bringing back beloved characters that fans want to see. Perhaps Jennifer's father-in-law, Harper Deveraux survived his fall from a tower back in 1990 thanks to an ill-gotten organ.
It wasn't unusual to find Jonathan playing just outside the house with his not-so-portable 13" black and white TV sitting on the concrete patio, thanks to a lengthy extension cord. When she had the proof she needed, she told Brady about the situation, and the two wound up at Kristen's Italian castle to get the child back. For the inside scoop on Music City news, CLICK HERE to SUBSCRIBE to my NASHVILLE ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. As the National Daytime TV Examiner, Jonathan brings you the latest entertainment news, reviews and exclusive interviews from the world of daytime television. Kristen tells her that she won't call the authorities and calls Brady to come to the castle. Brady asks for a DNA testing, and Kristen and Mandrake pull out their guns.On the patio at TBD, Victor tells Sonny that he's worried about him. Sonny assures him that he and Will are working things out and that they're going to couples therapy. Will arrives, and he eavesdrops on Sonny and Victor's conversation.At this point, Sonny reminds Victor that he was his biggest supporter when he married Will. Victor then talks about Will's parents and grandparents, saying that infidelity is in their blood. Victor tells him not to be impertinent and says he left Paul's address for him.Will finds Marlena at the pub and complains about Victor.

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