Effective communication is key to maintaining good personal relationships with your spouse, parents, children and friends. Remove from your speech and body language triggers that suggest you mean something different from what you are saying. Public speaking is a unique type of communication and being an effective communicator to groups is challenging. Effective written communication requires organizing your thoughts into a logical order before you begin writing. She worked 10 years performing psychological testing before moving into information research.
To be effective, communication requires the creation of a common understanding of ideas, desires and observations among people. Communication can include non-threatening sharing of information, or it may involve emotionally heavy topics that are likely to set off negative reactions in the person listening.

Knowing your material and the audience are essential to effective public speaking communication.
Break the written document into sections and introduce the order and each section before plunging into the detail. In the graphic below, I have created a graphical representation of the flow of the communication. She worked as a knowledge management specialist and project manager in defense and health research.
Before you begin speaking with a significant other on a difficult subject, first check your feelings and the message you want to communicate. Choose your words carefully and select ones that correctly represent your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way.
Since you will not have direct feedback on how your speech is received, pick a few people in the audience in different areas of the room and check their body language.

She is studying to be a master gardener and has a master's degree in psychology from Southern Methodist University.
Communication includes written and non-verbal behaviors as well as speaking, and has as its goal to affect the knowledge or behavior of another. If you are not sure your message was received as intended, ask what was heard, and clarify.
Readers find that communication is more effective when the writer uses an active voice, short sentences and includes examples. You will also find that your public communication is more impressive if you begin by telling the audience what you will be talking about and then finish your speech with a summary of what you said.

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