I have already started to pick up on several items covered in the session and have worked on improving my communication skills within my organization and in building relationships with others. I believe everyone gained something by your thought provoking wordsa€¦will definitely keep you in mind should we seek additional services."A Dr. Your message of "wisdom and tribulation" inspired me to go deeper in my assignment with youth. Many of the young men shared that you "blew the top off." You will be getting request from others for different audiences in their workplace (schools) etc.

Thank you and may God continue to use you to touch the hearts of His people every place you travel! God has truly blessed you with the ability to deliver His purpose for relationships in a practical and spiritual enriching way.
PAA Bethel Deliverance Church, Wyncote, PAFirst African Baptist Church, Sharon Hill, PATaylor Tabernacle Baptist Church, Phila. PAA Shiloh Baptist Church, Chester, PAA Siloam United Methodist Church, Chester, PAThomas M.

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