When a flight attendant gets hired with an airline (or corporate flight attendant job) they must undergo a tough training courses to learn the ins and outs of Emergency Procedures. When training for a carrier, the new-hire will learn how to evacuate an aircraft, learn where  emergency equipment is, and understand how the different types of aircraft work. I've heard that some flight attendants have gone through their entire career without a single incident, while others seem to get the luck of the draw and have every possible situation occur.
Some flight attendants may never use their skills, but there are some who seem to be tested on their training almost on a daily basis. Back to the recurrent training, after flight attendants are qualified on the equipment their airline has, they must re-qualify every year to maintain their qualifications.
Over the years, the American Red Cross changed their procedures after many studies, and have found that what the general public were doing, wasted valuable time to get the blood flow to vital organs.
Besides learning CPR, flight attendants have to learn how to open the emergency doors, emergency window exits, and 'bark' commands to get the passengers out quickly in the event of an evacuation. Once the doors and windows are open, then you have to make sure the slides (if there is one) inflate to make sure the passengers can evacuate safely onto the ground. Flight Attendants in the United States have strict government regulations that they must follow. You do get some rogue flight attendants who seem to make their own rules, however when it comes to violating an FAR, flight attendants sometimes will bring out the fangs to ensure a passenger complies. I try to tell my crew that looking good often makes you feel better, and will often show the passenger that you care, not only about yourself, but about the airline you work for and you are Proud to wear the uniform. Either way, I still try to do my best and show that I care about what I do, especially ensuring my passenger doesn't know what kind of termoils my company is doing to it's employees. Good for you in trying to look your best; you are right in that I also think it make one feel better about the job.
It will be tempting to hit the bar with your classmates every night, but I recommend you wait until you graduate to celebrate.

The airline deals with about three disruptive passengers a week, according to Hong Kong Airlines spokeswoman Eva Chan. She says the benefits of adding martial arts training came into focus two weeks ago after a flight attendant used her previous training to help resolve an incident on a Beijing-to-Hong Kong flight. From what I understand, most carriers have a 6-week training courses that teach the new-hire about evacuations, medical situations, food preparations, and even learn how the company wants their employee's to treat their customers. After the initial training is completed, then the flight attendants must do the Federal Aviation Administration annual training to keep current on Emergency Procedures. Throughout the long training, the new-hire flight attendants must learn a manual that is comprised of both Federal Aviation Regulations, and Company Policy. So instead of checking to ensure the head was tilted properly, and to see if the chest would rise with a couple of full breaths, now they want you to jump right in (if the person is unconscious and not breathing) to pump the chest. Many frequent passengers will request to sit in the emergency window exit, however I know many of them would balk at actually opening the exit when the time comes.
Sometimes the door may not open, so it's jammed and the flight attendant then has to look for their secondary exit and open that one, or redirect the passengers to any other exit. Yes, there are proper ways to ensure passengers comply, however when you have passengers who simply ignore the requests many times, and think the rules don't apply to them, it can really make for a long flight because now the passenger has upset the flight attendant who simply is following procedure. Yet, I am often met with resistance especially when so many airlines keep laying off flight attendants, making more stringent work rules for the crews, maximizing duty days, and give them less than minimal lay-over rest. They will not only be a great support system but it will be practice for your new lifestyle. Whether it is a weekly movie, massage or just an hour alone at Starbucks make sure you have something away from training that can recharge your batteries. You need to be at your best for the time in training so opt for a good night sleep instead.
The crew member attended to him and she realized her fitness was helping her, especially because the guy was quite heavy,” Chan told the Morning Post.

Having only one aircraft type would be easy, but if you're lucky, you will get qualified on several different aircraft configurations and will get utilized for different trips. This was always one of the nail biters for all flight attendants because this was a pass or fail test. This simulates and pushes air to the lungs and brain to hopefully keep the individual from losing oxygen.
Many of them don't realize how heavy the window exit actually is, or know what to do with the door once they open it up. You sigh a huge sigh of relief, but as soon as you breathe out you realize you now have to make through training. I have accepted a Flight Attendant job with GoJet airlines before I haveĀ  not even graduated from class!!
If you didn't know what to do by heart, then you failed and had to go through more training. Some of the smaller aircraft require you to throw the window out onto the wing, while others require you to lift the nearly 50lbs and place it onto the seats. With out the Travel Academy I would still be working my dead end job, not starting my exciting travel career December 5th 2012!! What the FAA and companies realized, flight attendants work together in real life situations, so now if you don't remember what to do as a First Responder, you have other flight attendants (and passengers) to help out. Don’t push the panic button just yet there are things you can do to make it through and still take care of you.

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