The first Divine Liturgy was served in borrowed space at the Old Katy Railroad Depot in Denison on January 26, 2003. Palm Sunday was the last time we were able to use the Old Katy Railroad Depot so we moved to the home of Robert and Karen Jones. Using as a basis a plan drawn in 1847 by St Jacob Netsvetov for a church built in Ikogmiut, Alaska, and approved by St Innocent, we made a materials list and began construction. As yet another superhero movie strikes it big on opening weekend we’re left to scratch our heads as to why. There were 18 people in attendance with many visiting from our mother parish, St Seraphim Cathedral, Dallas.
Because of limited resources and the availability of the right talent we decided to build this church ourselves!

The first loads of Red River sand for the building pad were brought in on November 22nd, 2003 and construction began, less than ten months after our first liturgy. Herman of Alaska Activity Center was dedicated to Archbishop Dmitri whose missionary vision and spirit made our parish possible. Constitution.  Imagine how life would change in America overnight.What will happen now in Egypt?
Initial contact was made with Robert and Karen Jones, Orthodox Christians living in Denison.
Discussions and suggestions about buying or renting were compared to building our own facility and it was decided that constructing our own temple to our specifications was the most feasible and practical solution. After vespers on September 29th at a meeting of all members it was decided by majority vote to enter into negotiations to purchase the land.

Archbishop Dmitri came on March 20th, 2004 to bless the temple as well as to serve the first Divine Liturgy.
On January 18th, 2003 an organizational meeting held at the Old Katy Railroad Depot in Denison. After a series of offers and counter offers, an agreement was reached to purchase the land.

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