The people you lead will have told you in their expressions whether or not you were a good leader. Developing leadership skills so that others will follow becomes easy when you can become a big enough person so that you are not worried if they tell you, that you were really bad. The very best leaders, the ones people will follow without knowing why is the ones who have no interest in power. If you sought the power and it gave you an ego boost, then you are heading down the wrong path. Once you have made you decision, go with it, if you decide it is wrong then change it but only change your direction once after heading out otherwise people will lose respect for your leadership. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. What you did wrong will serve you as a how not to do it guide, and what you did right will steer you in the right direction.

Look good, bad, at the start it doesn’t matter as long as you reflect the development of your skills will be fast and smooth. Look at the greatest leaders for guidance; if you wish to develop leadership skills which will turn you into a truly great leader then you must learn to look at yourself.
To become great, you have to just lead because you are the best person to lead, not because you are power hungry. There’s no problem when you do, all you must do is recognise it so that you can observe this weakness. If you are right it’s good and if you are wrong it’s good… As long as you reflect on it and ask those you lead where they thought the task had gone right and wrong. However, to develop leadership skills you must learn to navigate through the waters, which cannot be charted.
Now a lot of business books may books will disagree with this, however, this is how to become a great leader, not just a leader.

You do not need to be the one who has all the skills, you just need to be the one who can listen to everyone. A little humility so that you can get your feedback will pay dividends for the rest of your life.
Quieten them when you have heard enough and then provide solid direction when you have made your mind up.

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