Without exception, since 1960, the winner of the White House has won at least two of the Big Three battleground states: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Yet the rise of the Latino electorate is shifting the nation's balance of power, giving rise to a more electorally relevant Southwest—a combination of blistering population growth and pro-Democratic demographic shifts. In 1960, the states of Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona totalled 17 electoral votes. What this all means is that if Democrats sweep the competitive Southwestern states, Ohio, Penn and Florida become that much less important.
As you can see, sweeping those Southwestern states puts Obama just 17 electoral votes shy of victory, while Romney is a whopping 90 electoral votes out.
The race is still not decided, with Romney still 23 electoral votes shy of victory—something no single state will provide. And by broadening the playing field (Arizona this year, and Texas, Georgia and Montana in future cycles), and locking down old battlegrounds (Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and possibly Wisconsin and Michigan) the GOP's path to presidential victory becomes increasingly complicated.
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Video: Barack Obama blanketed the airwaves with an unprecedented 30-minute prime-time advertisement.
Multimedia: In the final days of the US election, the Herald takes a trip down the campaign trail with Sarah Palin.

Washington Correspondent Anne Davies meets locals from swinging states Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Audio slideshow: Washington Correspondent Anne Davies travels to some US swing states and talks to the locals. Audio slideshow: Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin speaks at the Republican Convention. Audio slideshow: Former communications director for John McCain says Sarah Palin is a risky choice.
Audio slideshow: Barack Obama accepts the Democratic Party's nomination in his Convention speech. Audio slideshow: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's powerful oratory skills and message of change commands crowds of thousands, but can he command the nation?
When news happens:send photos, videos & tip-offs to 0424 SMS SMH (+61 424 767 764), or us. Step by step used car buying guide - how much you can afford to spend on a car, how to choose the right car, considering cost of insurance, what mileage is too high.200k on a well maintained six year old car is preferable to 100k on an average 15 year old car. Brake maintenance, particularly maintenance intervals for heavy duty trucks, depends more than anything else on the vehicle duty cycle. It's hard to picture a presidential contest that doesn't revolve around those three states, and indeed, those three states are among the top four in Obama campaign field offices to date: Ohio (20), Virginia (17), Pennsylvania (14), and Florida (13).

And while in 1960 Ohio and Pennsylvania had 57 electoral votes between the two, today that number is just 38 (though if you include Florida, the total has remained at a constant 67).
I gave Missouri to the GOP, and Wisconsin and Michigan to Obama because those are marginal swing states—if Obama wins Missouri, he's already crushed on the rest of the map, and vice a versa with Wisconsin and Michigan.
But note, Virginia has consistently given Obama some of his biggest polling margins to date. The glass on the watch is a scratch resistant mineral crystal so you donA’t have to worry about this watch getting nicks or scratches.It is water resistant and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
But changing population patterns and demographics (mostly Latinos) are evolving the electoral college map.
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