ABOUT US TRAVEL & TOURS,See Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia and rest of Turkey through the eyes of the artists and historians of AzengA?ler Travel, innovators in off-the-beaten-path walking tours. RENTAL FLAT SERVICES IN ISTANBUL & TURKEY,AzengA?ler Travel offers a new concept high standart Apartment rentals in the heart of Istanbul and some other cities in Turkey.
Day 8 ,After breakfast 09.00 we start for 2nd day tour, Mustafapasa(old Greek village Sinasos), Keslik monastery, Taskinpasa medresesi,(an Ottoman theological school), Soganli valley(3 km walking in the traditional village, churches and Lunch), Cemil (Greek-orthodox church) ,and Kaymakli underground city.
4 Days Special Hotel and Tour Reservation in Istanbul,3 Days Yoga Tour in Istanbul,You will be able to learn the basic or advance techniques about yoga and have a nice time during your visit in istanbul . Please feel free to do a quick search at Tursab's web site (Association of Turkish travel agents) to check the authenticity of our travel agency and web site. Working Life is a new website dedicated to stories about Australian workers and the issues that matter to us: the funny, the mad, and the outright bad – proudly brought to you by your union. We believe in the free flow of information, and content on Working Life is available to be republished online or in print under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Working Life is a forum to share ideas and opinions about work and life, both light-hearted and serious. Intuitively, it's a nice, easy step to believe confident people are the most talented or the most skilled. Recent history offers a litany of disastrous decisions fuelled by business leaders' overconfidence. Scientific studies back up complaints that can be heard echoing in canteens across the country — that it's not always the best who get promoted, but the best self-promoters.
It's not necessarily that overconfident people are consciously being dishonest — it's more likely that they genuinely believe their own hype. Just as we are not particularly good at taking off the rose-tinted glasses when judging our own abilities, it turns out we are not that great at untangling confidence from competence among the people around us. Researchers at Haas School of Business presented a group of MBA students with a list of real poems, books, historical characters and events  interspersed with a few bogus ones, including the two mentioned above.
In a similar vein, a recent study by the universities of Exeter and Newcastle found that students who were more confident about their own academic abilities were predicted better grades by others, regardless of their actual performance. It is the subject of women and confidence that has generated the most heated debate over the last few years, with a lack of self-belief often cropping up as one of the reasons female leaders are not as visible as their male colleagues in the boardroom. A natural conclusion to come to - and one that is promoted in books such as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's best-selling Lean In - is that women should work on boosting self-esteem until they catch up with the boys.
A way round this is to make the recruitment process highly structured, with the requirements for the role clearly laid out and as many people as possible involved in the decision on who to hire. Many organisations have well-thought-out recruitment processes in place, but when it comes to promotions things can be more haphazard. Many firms have woken up to this issue and are taking steps to encourage women to progress their careers. Meetings are an obvious area where the loudest generally get the most airtime, with many groups falling into the trap of agreeing with the most dominant speaker. Unlike brainstorming, which relies on people saying their ideas out loud, brainwriting - as the name suggests - is about committing those thoughts to paper instead. Another technique put forward by researchers at the University of Utah and Idaho State University rests on a small shift in the way problem-solving meetings are run to allow those with the most expertise, rather than the most confidence, to come forward. In their experiments, the groups that took time to discuss the relevant knowledge that each member brought to the table did much better at the tasks set for them than those that plunged in headfirst, as these tended to defer to the most confident people in the team. We may never be free from the mental quirks that drive us to defer to overconfidence, but we can learn to take many of its everyday manifestations in the workplace with a pinch of salt. Explode Old Istanbul, from the ancient tradition of the Turkish Bath to the Mystic Whirling Dervish, from the Egyptian Spice Market to the trade secrets of the Silk Road linking Europe with China. The opinions presented on Working Life are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent policies or views of the ACTU.
Confidence moves markets, bluster elects politicians and self-assured opinions turn anyone with a social media account into an instant pundit.
We take it as a big flashing sign that someone is good at what they do — especially in situations where we have no way to know how skilled they really are. Take, for example, the failings at The Co-operative Bank that led to its enormous capital shortfall.

Research shows, for example, that human beings tend to have a mental blind spot about their own abilities and are prone to thinking they are more skilled than they actually are. Studies show that people tend to have a limited insight into their own abilities, with poor performers grossly overestimating how well they do on tests that look at things such as thinking logically, grammar and even sense of humour. When the researchers delved into why these overconfident people were so socially successful, they found they spoke more often and with a confident vocal tone, provided more information and acted in a relaxed manner. One study by Columbia Business School gave a group of MBA students a set of maths problems on which the two sexes performed about the same. A key starting point is to become aware of how our biases affect situations such as hiring staff, promotions and meetings. She points to the 'mini-me' bias as one of the most pernicious - the unconscious belief held by interviewers that a person who is similar to them is more likely to succeed in the job. Short emphasises that hiring decisions should be based not just on the individual role to be filled but also on ensuring a variety of thinking and behaviour styles within the wider team. Royal Mail, for example, has introduced a scheme to encourage non-managerial female staff to put themselves forward for more responsibilities.
One way to encourage the less confident to contribute ideas is 'brainwriting', a technique promoted by Leigh Thompson at Kellogg School of Management.
By being aware of the biases that reward bluster and self-promotion, firms can take steps to make corporate life less of a confidence trick and more of a competence trick. Each of these intimate half-day and full-day tours will immerse you in a unique aspect of Turkish history and culture. Take a journey from the past to the present by booking your hotel online to any ,region in Turkey. Betul is our professional Artist that is graduated from Mimar Sinan University department of fine Arts in Istanbul.
And a quick look at the upper levels of most workplaces shows that the business world is not exactly immune to the charisma of the alpha type.
After all, nobody wants their surgeon to be plagued by self-doubt as they are wheeled into the operating theatre or a three-star chef to start asking for advice on ingredients as he's preparing dinner. And nobody would deny that confidence is a perfectly healthy thing when grounded in real skills and experience. In Sir Christopher Kelly's review of what went wrong, one of the points raised was that the bank appeared "largely unaware of limitations on its own capability".
One classic study asked a group of US students how safe a driver they considered themselves to be, and 88 per cent believed they were above average.
It seems they were more convincing in their abilities than those who were actually highly competent in their tests. A year later, when asked how well they remember performing in the tests, most participants overrated their abilities — the men by around 30 per cent and the women by around 15 per cent.
But it's when firms hire a 'mini-me' team that groupthink and a lack of scrutiny can raise their ugly heads. It also has a mentoring programme where junior female managers receive support and guidance from senior managers. She is professional in Ottoman Calligraphy - Tile Design & Turkish Motives - Ottoman Paper Marbling. But researchers are peeling back the curtain on confidence, finding that it doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with what we would assume is its natural companion — competence.
Those words could equally be applied to the collective overconfidence found in many banks, trading floors and other financial services boardrooms in the lead up to the recession. It doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out that a lot of these people were deluding themselves. But that's probably a good thing, as these are made up historic events and characters in a questionnaire that was designed to root out overconfident people.
In other words, the women did not lack confidence, it's just that they were somewhat less wildly inaccurate in their claims about their performance than the men.
Currently women make up 36 per cent of Royal Mail's board, far higher than the FTSE 100 average of 20.7 per cent.
We have been offering different kind of tourism and culture activities around Turkey via internet and foreign agents since 1997.

Turkish Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to marble or other stone, hence the name.
We provide the logistic background and support for the Lonely Planet, Frommera€™s, Gallimard, Petit Fute,.
The patterns are the result of color floated on either plain water or a viscous solution known as size, and then carefully transferred to a sheet of paper (or other surfaces such as fabric). We provide the logistic background and support for the Lonely Planet, Frommera€™s, Gallimard, Petit Fute,.
AzengA?ler Has very strong international relations with foreign travel books, international Travel & Culture Tv programmes and close relationships with foreign newspapers such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, Agence France Presse etc.. This decorative material has been used to cover a variety of surfaces for several centuries. It is often employed as a writing surface fo calligraphy, and especially book covers and endpapers in bookbinding and stationery. This could, while educating a traveller, also make a local more conscious of this exquisite, metropolitan environmenta€™s history, and future possibilities. Part of its appeal is that each print is a unique monoprint.Need a break from the hustle and bustle of tourist life in Istanbul? This could, while educating a traveller, also make a local more conscious of this exquisite, metropolitan environmenta€™s history, and future possibilities. Here, we welcome travellers, people who try to get in touch with locals and culture, to share meals and talks with Turks whenever they can. Here, we welcome travellers, people who try to get in touch with locals and culture, to share meals and talks with Turks whenever they can. Ottoman - Turkish Calligraphy, also known as Arabic calligraphy, is the art of writing, and by extension, of bookmaking.
Its origin might ultimately hark back to China, where a documentA from the T'ang dynasty (618-907) mentions a process of coloring paper on water with five hues. By carefully laying the paper over the bath, the floating picture on top of it is readily transferred to the paper; thus, each ebru is a one of a kind print. To obtain beautiful ebru results, one needs to have a light hand, refined taste, and an open mind to the unexpected patterns forming on the water. Patience and a good knowledge of traditional culture are characteristic of ebru masters.After the 1550's, booklovers in Europe prized ebru, which came to be known as a€?Turkish papersa€™.
Many specimens in their collections and in the several album amicorum books are visible today in various museums. Also, early texts dealing with ebru, such as a€?Discourse on decorating paper in the Turkish mannera€?, published in 1664 by Athanasius Kircher in Rome, helped to disseminate the knowledge of this kind of marbling art. There is agreement amongst scholars thatA the so-called Turkish Papers played a colourful influence on the book arts in Europe.MATERIALS USED IN CLASSICAL TURKISH MARBLING Gum tragacath a€“ Dye a€“ Paintbrush a€“ Basin a€“ Water a€“ Paper - Gall Gum Tragacant is obtained from trunk of a thorny plant growing naturally in Anatolian, Persian and Turkestan mountians and called a€?gavena€?. The sap coming out of scratches made on the branches dries up later and solidifies in bone white colored pieces . Turkish is a very rich country in respect of such natural dyes.Any kind of earth may be first translated into mud then filtered and crushed to from a dye. Sufism Speech with Dervish EROL,Known to the west as Whirling Dervishes, the Mevlevi Order was founded by Mevlana Rumi in the 13th century. Swimming Tour in Istanbul,Kilyos is a small Black Sea village which is surrounded by green forests. The village is just a forty five minutes drive from Istanbul.Turkish Music Lesson in Istanbul,The last august 2004 I stayed in Istanbul, during a holiday trip.
Nurdogan, who kindly explained and showed me what he works on in his establishment "Les Arts Turcs". Yoga Lesson in Istanbul,Yoga is a group of ancient spiritual practices originating in India.

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