The Android logo represents Android, which is a popular type of smartphone operating system. There are many different types of mobile phone operating system, and the speed with which the field changes means that the options available at one precise date aren’t necessarily the same choices a consumer will have five or ten years later.
The proprietary BlackBerry® OS was one of the first types of mobile phone operating systems, and is the only system that will work on BlackBerry® devices. Windows Mobile®, also known as Windows Phone®, is the mobile phone version of Microsoft®'s core operating system.
The Microsoft® operating system is usually seen as one of the most flexible in the closed-source family simply because it is available on several types of phones. While BlackBerry®, Apple®, and Microsoft® are widely regarded as industry leaders in the mobile space, they are by no means the only players. An operating system that is based on “open source” software is one that is generally free for anyone to use, change, or modify. I worked with people for about the past year or so who have Android, iPhones and Windows phones.
When it came time to get my first smart phone a few months ago, the place was packed and my wait time was about an hour, so it gave me the opportunity to mess with the phones one last time.
My brother works for Microsoft, and the company provided him with a phone that has Windows Mobile on it. I have an HTC HD2 that I bought with the hopes of upgrading to windows mobile 7 when it is released later this year. Most of you probably know, that connecting of peripheral devices or hardware component to a computer requires a specific type of cable.However, this can be quite confusing because of the wide variety of cables that exists, so in this post I will try to provide you with a short description of some of the most frequently used cables. Analog VGA interface was created in the late 1980’s and until now remains a standard way for connection between a computer and monitor.
Parallel ATA (PATA) cables are used for the connection of storage devices such as hard disks, solid-state drives, and CD-ROM drives to the computer’s motherboard. The serial ATA (serial advanced technology attachment), or SATA cables are designed to replace the older ATA cables used for connection of storage devices. Today it is the most popular standard for connecting various peripheral devices to a computer.
This is the successor of VGA designed to provide very high visual quality to digital display devices such as LCD computer displays. DVI-A used to transmit analog signals (compatible with VGA) to an analog display, such as a CRT monitor or budget LCD.
HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface is used for transmission of high-definition video between digital video sources (like PC graphic card or Blue ray player) and digital LCD monitors.

Ideal for use in government buildings, schools, health clubs or any location where personal items, cell phones and tablets need to be securely stored. Though it has adapted to include some media and entertainment features, it is designed primarily for business applications.
The system was designed and implemented by the company’s former president and chief executive officer, Steve Jobs. It is easily compatible with many Windows® programs such as Microsoft Office®, and as a result it is a popular choice for businesspeople.
Unlike the BlackBerry® and Apple® software that typically only come installed on phones also made by those brands, Microsoft® sells its Windows® OS to a number of different hardware manufacturers. Nokia® brand phones were some of the first to adapt and make wide use of Symbian technology, but phones by Sharp®, Fujitsu®, Sony® and other companies have the operating system installed as well. I didn't have a smart phone at that time, but I was able to mess around with their phones for a while. The phone is amazing and yes, there are not as many apps but let's be real: how many apps are really that useful?
The Paralel ATA cable is a ribbon cable with two or three connectors, one of which plugs into the ATA connector mounted on the motherboard and the remaining connector(s) plug into drives. Since SATA offers higher data transfer speeds, almost all modern desktop motherboards have integrated SATA host adapters. In addition to standard USB connector, there are also smaller ones, such as Mini-USB and Micro-USB, which are used in mobile devices. It allows you to transmit digital signals between the video source and display using a digital protocol in which the desired illumination of pixels is transmitted as binary data.
It provides direct digital connection between any digital video source (such as PC videocard) and digital LCD monitor.
DVI-I cables are capable to transmit either a digital-to-digital signal or an analog-to-analog signal. It allows you to send data to and from high-bandwidth digital devices such as printers, scanners and digital camcorders.
Brand-specific systems like BlackBerry® OS, Windows Mobile®, and Apple®’s iOS work only on devices made for and owned by the system’s creator, or else on devices that have been specifically authorized to run the system.
Messaging, e-mail, and communication tools tend to be this system’s strengths, and it is often described as functional more than personal or appearance-driven.
It is entirely closed-source, and Apple® acts as the final decision maker when it comes to the sorts of software the platform will and will not support. Windows Mobile was originally designed for Microsoft®'s line of Pocket PCs before being adapted for use in phones.

Anyone can develop apps for an OS in this category, and any company can release a phone using it. Though it is used by companies around the world, it is not traditionally considered to be particularly advanced.
The general distinctions of “brand based” and “open source” are likely to remain the primary drivers of operating systems going forward, but what those systems will look like, how they will work, and what they will be capable of as time goes by remains to be seen. Android is just ruling the world of mobile OS platforms with enormous and distinct features in it. About 70 percent of the apps out there are useless to me, so that isn't even an issue, but it comes down to personal preference.
It allows connection of external hard drives or optical drives, providing data transfer speeds, about three times faster than FireWire 400 and USB 2.0.
HDMI is backward-compatible with DVI digital video (but only with DVI-D or DVI-I not DVI-A) used on modern computer monitors and graphics cards.
A single 1394 port can be used to connect up 63 external devices at a maximum cable distance between devices of 4.5 meters.
Open source platforms like Symbian and Linux, on the other hand, tend to be much freer and more flexible. Most mobile applications, or “apps,” were originally designed for the iOS system, though, and Apple® product owners often have some of the most robust choices when it comes to paid downloads and add-ons. Given the ever-changing nature of the technology industry, even more are bound to show up in time. As such it is often best suited for more “standard” devices, which is to say, not full-featured smart phones. Note that if two drives are attached to a single cable, one must be configured as master and the other as slave.
Each SATA cable has two 8-pin connectors (one on each end) and connects one motherboard socket to one hard drive.
In case if one connection is analog and the other connection is digital you will need a special VGA to DVI or DVI to VGA converter.

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