The possibility that a disaster might or might not occur will depend on whether those risks are adequately managed or not. The foundation of disaster medicine management can be equated to preventive medicine in healthcare. Institute for International Medicine is a Missouri registered, 501c(3) recognized, non-profit corporation.
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In a pioneering initiative, Amity Institute of Disaster Management started a unique programme on Disaster Management of three months duration sponsored by Ministry of Defence, Government of India from April 23, 2007-July 13, 2007 for officers of the Defence Forces and other professionals at Amity University Campus, Noida.
The main objective of organizing this course is to build a pool of trained and dedicated professionals who can contribute to the development of policies, measures and programmes for disaster management at various levels. Lt Gen JR Bhardwaj, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, PHS (Retd), Hon'ble Member of National Disaster Management Authority addressed the officers today on the topic "The Role of Medical Services in Disaster Management” and lauded the efforts of Amity in taking such an initiative.

Looking at disaster from this perspective the management of the emergency itself ceases to be a priority.
Hazard risk and vulnerability are significantly correlated to the severity of impact experienced from a disaster event. Addressing the participants he said, “Amity is not only providing education but also national character building to the students I really hope that every Institute in India must take disaster management as a specialized subject the way Amity is doing ”.
Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity University remarked that starting a course for defence officers is revolutionary, historical and a crusade against disasters. The priority becomes the management of those risks, because if they are managed ineffectively, it can lead to disaster (Yodmani, 2001, p. Addressing the role of medical services during disasters Gen JR Bhardwaj, laid stress on certain aspects which can reduce morbidity and mortality, in addition to proper recovery and rehabilitation of affected people, capacity development i.e. Looking at the present scenario of the country everyone needs to cope up with a disaster which is a big challenge.

Mitigation tools can be as simple as planning and strategies or as complex as development policies and codes. Preparedness is practicing, testing, and making appropriate adjustments to the mitigation tools. Susceptibility to disasters is decreased by prevention and mitigation (Ciottone, 2006, p.164).

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