A well maintained Southern mansion would ultimately be styled to match its surroundings in the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland. Designers at first planned for guests to walk through the Haunted Mansion as they would through a museum.  Due to the low guest capacity of the walk-through scheme, there was even discussion of having two parallel rides, like the Matterhorn. Believe it or not, right after it opened the Haunted Mansion was considered a disappointment. The Octagonal Room where guests began the ride on foot at Disneyland and the Phantom Manor in Paris, is actually a large elevator, which gives the impression that the room is stretching as the guests descend.  In the Magic Kingdom in Florida, abundant space made an elevator unnecessary. Outside the park and painted a drab green like most Disneyland support buildings, the structure that secretly houses the Haunted Mansion can be glimpsed while riding the tram from the Mickey and Friends parking structure. I visited the Haunted Mansion at Halloween several years ago and it scared me out of my skin. Creatorshadow offers haunted house web design, Website services, logos, dark art, poster designs, t-shirt design, banner design.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. If you go to California, you’ll see an old southern mansion, complete with Ghosts and Goblins. Regardless of which you are lucky enough to get into, beware the potentially real ghosts that may be found inside. So remember that the ghosts you see along the ride may be 3D illusions projected from a camera, or real spirits that enjoyed Disney so much they decided to stay there for all eternity. There are supposedly hidden Mickey Mouse ears in each ride in the park, such as this one that is hidden in the rocks that make up the wall of the Gadget's Go Coaster.
Take this quiz and see if you can name the Disney movie based on a scene with certain elements removed! Ultimately, Imagineers settled on using a conveyance called a Doom Buggy, a variant of the Omnimover system previously used in the Disneyland ride, Adventure Thru Inner Space.

Tour includes round trip transportation by Gray Line Transportation, admission to either the original DISNEYLAND or the CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE and all that DOWNTOWN DISNEY has to offer. Creatorshadow productions offers unique designs for businesses at large and small prices that you can afford. Recommendations are always based on a belief that the product will provide excellent and valuable information or service. By submitting a review, you update the Move-In ready score that tells other ghosts how ready the home is to move into.

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