Is it not every individual's right to be afforded opportunities to put forward their best efforts? Having a strategic shared vision in any company helps to keep all employees focused on the goal. Diversity kann nicht nur Organisationskulturen nach innen nachhaltig verändern, sondern schafft auch Standortvorteile. For the UK’s High Streets to thrive in the future is not just about being big enough to withstand the ‘perfect storm’ that comes from a mix of austerity, online and out-of-town retailing. Note:  The Retail Diversity Index is an expression of the presence of up to 273 categories of retail business within each centre. We’ve looked back at 1,300 High Streets over the last two years and at 700 of these over the last 20 years. High Streets have already begun to respond to the most obvious effects of online retailing. Pawnbrokers, pay-day lenders and betting shops have attracted special political attention with Ed Milliband in particular raising his concerns. Diversity Management as an HR management tool has gained increasing importance - not only for large companies, but also for SMEs and non-profit organizations. But what exactly is Diversity Management and how can it be integrated in the management system of an organization?
Our vision is to foster quality standards for Diversity Management - in Europe and worldwide.
We inform about qualification and certification, training opportunities and best practices. Benefit from our network and expertice - join an international community of diversity pioneers, experts and professionals. LOHNGLEICHHEITUnabhangig von Geschlecht, Alter und Herkunft sollen Menschen Chancen fur gleichwertige Arbeit erhalten und gleichwertig entlohnt werden. Allerdings werden bei grossen, internationalen Unternehmungen kaum je behinderte Menschen eingestellt.
Diversity als wichtiger Pfeiler einer Unternehmens- und HR-Strategie hat in den letzten Jahren einen festen Platz eingenommen. Whilst many big retail centres continue to be resilient, the most successful smaller town centres will need to be diverse and versatile, perhaps developing specialist roles. The index  scores Bath, York, Exeter and Cheltenham highly, as well as smaller centres such as Salisbury, Leamington Spa and Chichester.

A leisure services component scores highly centres with particularly strong entertainment and hospitality roles, including places like Bournemouth, Stratford-upon-Avon, Blackpool and Weston-super-Mare; whilst a consumer services component identifies centres with a particularly diverse range of services to complement their retail offer.
Over the past two years, the story is as much about a change in the mix as it is of massive across the board declines. In the most vulnerable categories, where the product itself is being digitized (including computer games, CDs & DVDs, bookselling and newsagents) there has been a -13% fall in High Street outlet numbers – this equates to over 1,000 stores, both multiple and independent.
Womens’ clothing retail outlets alone have shown a net decline of nearly -6% for independents and -13% for multiples – a combined net loss of over 500 outlets between 2011-2013. The last two years has seen a +12.4% increase in value-related retailing – of over 1,100 outlets – by which we mean secondhand, discount and charity shops.
The size of the circle is proportional to the net increase of outlets in these categories between April 2011 and April 2013.
Amongst independents, c-stores in High Streets have grown by +17%, whilst multiple convenience stores, driven by the interest of the major grocery brands, have grown by +8%. As a nation we appear to have become increasingly preoccupied with various aspects of health & beauty. We’ve drawn on the analysis that Oxford did in 1984 and 1989 of multiple comparison goods retailers in over 700 town centres and brought it up to date. Our research to date shows that many of the country’s High Streets continue to evolve to play the changing roles required of them by residents, workers, visitors and their competitive context – although not always into roles that match the expectations of commentators or politicians, perhaps fed by misplaced nostalgia rather than by the realities that some High Streets face. Ich möchte auf ein paar Punkte eingehen, die mir beim Diversity Management wichtig sind. Earlier this year, we worked with the Local Data Company to analyse how our High Streets presently trade and how this has changed, over both the short and long term. Other centres lack variety, despite their size – some larger cities such as Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton and Sheffield – but also, perhaps surprisingly, places like Cambridge, Oxford and Windsor, which have patchier coverage of some types of retail business than other, similarly sized, centres.
But outside London, you should also be spoiled for choice in Manchester, Birmingham or Reading – as well as in either Oxford or Cambridge. The number of independent retailers in High Streets actually grew overall by nearly +2% between 2011-13.
These losses have been fairly evenly distributed across the country, and, whilst these categories only represented around 5% of all shops in 2011, their reduction represents a loss of diversity.
We assembled a special category of health and beauty retailers and leisure service businesses (ranging from nail salons to hairdressers and from barbers to tattoo parlours). Whilst there is longstanding stability amongst the top ten centres, there are clear rises and falls in the list.

For example, if we did this to 2018 then, based on recent historic change, the number of comparison goods multiple outlets in our town centres could undergo a further fall of some -13% (some 5,000 outlets) over and above the -5% fall since 2011.
Die gängigen Vorstellungen, wie ein Mann oder eine Frau sein sollte, sind tief in uns verankert. Denn wer mal draussen ist, kommt in schlechter gesundheitlicher Verfassung kaum mehr in die Arbeitswelt rein. Unternehmen und Wirtschaft sind daher gefordert, passende Modelle für eine gute Durchmischung zu entwickeln.
Rather than simply tracking vacancies and closures, we’ve calculated a retail diversity index for every High Street. It was multiple retailers that were in decline – by as much as -5.2% for comparison goods multiples. The biggest rises include centres with new development (Derby, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Solihull and Leamington Spa) as well as, of course, wholly new entrants (Meadowhall, Metro Centre, the Trafford Centre and Merry Hill).
Our research to date has already shown that such analysis is simplistic: the reality is much more complex, given the relative growth and decline of particular categories of business.
Am besten googelt man die Person und das Unternehmen schon im Vorfeld des Gesprächs und legt sich eine Strategie zurecht. Recognising that services also play an important role in attracting shoppers, we’ve also calculated a service diversity index. The multiple comparison goods rank is the equivalent calculation for this type of business. Falls include Croydon, Doncaster and Plymouth, as well as several centres that have exited the top 50 altogether, including Sheffield (63), Swansea (61), Coventry (58) and Middlesborough (56) (Table 3). And whilst sometimes forecasting large-scale store closures grabs the headlines, the reality of change as shown by data-driven analysis is not only that it is complex, but that there are some good news stories here, as well as more sobering insights.
Mein Ziel ist es, dass der Arbeitgeber einwilligt, weil er auf die Teilzeitarbeit des guten Arbeitnehmers nicht verzichten möchte. Wer dann hingegen gut vorbereitet ist, muss aber letztlich im Vorstellungsgespräch auch klare Forderungen aussprechen.
Später zu jammern, dass man 17 Prozent weniger verdient als der Mann im Team, das ist schwach.

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