Filled with true stories and information to help build your relationships and communication in the workplace and at home! Celebrating Humanity© is totally transforming the way in which people in diverse teams work with each other! This is one of the most successful transformational Workplace Diversity programs in existence.
After living marvellously diverse lifestyles, studying internationally and reducing conflict and misunderstanding within diverse workplace teams across the nation and internationally, we can now offer you the most unique and uniting workplace diversity training, teambuilding and workplace diversity management in 1 solid and effective programme! The average corporate executive doesn't have the time to deal with inter-diversity stresses and problems like these. We worked amongst people from many different backgrounds and travelled to the USA to develop our skills and have built our knowledge and skills in 8 out 9 South African provinces.
We listened carefully to the needs of our clients and created a completely new, "first-of-its-kind" transformational teambuilding© programme to replace the old and outdated methodologies!. AND of course, your team will also understand a lot more about respect and will understand the uniqueness of themselves, their customers and fellow workers. I have no doubt in my mind that this intervention will go a long way towards creating an environment in which equity in the workplace is not seen as a threat but as an opportunity to diversify our workforce and improve skills.
Lead your team to manage behaviour, praise, understanding, guidance, support and discipline in one 1 hour meeting per month! How do you currrently manage workforce conflicts caused by racism, negativity, jealousy, arguments, gossiping and back-stabbing? You don’t have to waste time and your management team’s productive and profitable hours on workplace disputes any more! Four simple facilitated stages allow You to get each Workplace Diversity Conflict Management programme up and running within as little as an intial 3 days. That's why we developed the Celebrating Humanity Harvest© programme so that Workplace teams are part of the process, decided on the guidelines and Manage them! So even if you have had workplace Diversity challenges for years, this simple and structured programme is for you.
Plus, there are outline agreements and agendas designed to take you step-by-step through the critical tasks and meetings! Everyone knows that you cannot impose values from an Executive level and hope that they are maintained throughout the organisation! Now organisation after organisation tries to “widely consult” for months with their teams discussing workplace values systems! The respect between different race groups has been restored and some of the people who were negative have changed so much that they have been promoted to higher positions with greater responsibility. Get your team to take the stress out of your Diverse Workplace through fun, effective, non-threatening diversity training and by giving THEM the skills and responsibility to Manage their OWN Recognitions, Understanding and Conflicts!

You get the whole Celebrating Humanity package, including the concepts, backup documentation and principles. We want to make sure you have everything you need to immediately guarantee the success of your workplace diversity training programme. Should the ongoing processes, be maintained by your leaders, managers and work teams the results will be outstanding. Celebrating Humanity is NOT some crazy idea, developed by some madcap trainer who knows absolutely nothing about workplace diversity conflicts. And it's certainly NOT some hard-to-use, hard-to-manage system that's going to deliver more pain than pleasure for years to come. Brian Moore © 30 01 2005 Nobody can make you feel inferior `without your permission - A story of scars and healing. Follow-up processes and programmes ensure lasting change, growth and life-long learning within graduate teams.
Our diverse cultural composition should enhance our relationships, rather than fragment them. You showed me that there are many ways to deal with situations and people, which helped me a lot in my personal life, and in my work. To be able to be with my co-workers in a calm and relaxed environment, made me realize we are all different, but so alike. I agree with you - respect for the different cultures and peoples goes a long way towards a mutual understanding. And it's a funny thing, once you start talking to the other guy as a person and not a specimen from another species.
Working together becomes challenging, exciting and an area for growth, instead of a threat. It has changed me and my outlook on life and has definitely helped me to grow as an individual . This training manual is intended for scientists and students who work with biodiversity data and are interested in developing skills to effectively carry out spatial analysis based on (free) GIS applications with a focus on diversity and ecological analyses. These analyses offer a better understanding of spatial patterns of plant diversity and distribution, helping to improve conservation efforts. Although this training focuses on plant diversity, many of the types of analyses described can also be applied for other organisms such as animals and fungi. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Sensitivity and Diversity training resources from emerit are designed to help tourism and hospitality businesses prepare for increasing diversity in their workplace, and in their guests. Access Canada Sensitivity Training Program is designed to equip accommodations employees with the skills and knowledge they need to provide superior customer service to all guests with disabilities, including those becoming more common due to an aging population.

Be sure that your business is ready to welcome a growing number of international visitors and can integrate new Canadians into an effective team oriented workforce. But do these programmes have the potential to make your life easier and give you more time to manage and lead? Reduce the incredible stress of managing your diverse workplace team and free up yourself, your team and your leadership to do what they are paid to do – quickly! Place the challenges of workplace diversity conflict management firmly in the hands of your team and let them manage interpersonal interactions on an ongoing basis!
Watch as we develop understanding and respect within your team in a safe, FUN and non-threatening environment! Work with a "team-managed and ongoing relationship management programme" to protect your team and company from wasting time managing and stressing out on inter-personal and inter-diversity challenges.
AND then offer it to all our customers who've been experiencing these exact same frustrations.
This will ensure that your team knows, understands and works with the powers of its own unity!
This transformational teambuilding© programme will put your workplace diversity challenges into a new and practically seamless realm! This is truly your ULTIMATE "Workplace Diversity training AND Conflict Management programme" where you are a part of the solution with your team members! AND, the bill from the lawyers was over R 75000!I believe the Celebrating Humanity© programme is fantastic. Fortunately, once you run a full Celebrating Humanity Harvest programme and maintain the ongoing processes… you will be able to powerfully build your unified company.
As you've already seen, we have TONS of customer testimonials from satisfied clients who have used Celebrating Humanity to drastically and powerfully reduce workplace conflict!
In order to use the manual, you will also need to download the relevant exercise data (listed below). Increased numbers of international travellers and of new Canadians in the workforce present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for tourism and hospitality operators, and businesses that are prepared for this new reality will be able to gain valuable employees and attract international visitors to their establishments. Developed in partnership with the Hotel Association of Canada, the Access Canada online course will ensure your employees are ready and able to provide professional, efficient service that will meet the needs of all guests, regardless of their abilities.
Get started with emerit’s Sensitivity and Diversity Training by choosing from the resources below.

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