State, Local, County Court, continuing education, and ACR (Association for Conflict Resolution) training. As time goes on, it seems that change is the only constant, and every aspect of life is undergoing a more modern transformation. The scale of changes has meant that divorce laws have started to be questioned by recent developments. A few years ago, there were only a few states in the US, one of which was California, which had legalized same sex marriages. How do you determine the custody of the child between two same sex parents only one of whom is biologically related to the child? In addition, in homes where there are two sources of income one from each spouse, property division can be a serious issue, because neither party would want to settle for a smaller share or a share they don’t feel is proportionate to their contributions. Instead of using the courts to solve disputes, if we turn to Orange County divorce mediation, the needs of the modern family can be catered to, with decisions made based around common sense, mutual wisdom, and the needs of the family. If both of the spouses can talk it out and make sure they understand each other’s point of views, Orange County divorce mediation gives them the chance to make a legally binding decision as they see fit, irrespective of its compatibility with the law. This page is intended to provide general information about our firm and its areas of practice to our current and potential clientele.
Whole Mediation and Consulting Services, founded by Debra Synovec, an experienced lawyer, social worker and CPA, provides skillful professional divorce mediation services in the Seattle, Bellevue, Bainbridge and Whidbey Island areas. Debra Synovec, a Seattle mediator and certified divorce financial analyst, uses a client-centered approach with the valid assumption that using the guidance of an impartial mediator people ultimately reach the best solution while conserving their financial resources and reducing acrimony. Workplace and Business Conflicts if allowed to fester can be costly and lower employee morale.
Family disputes divide family members by critical importance, traditionally the legal system promotes two options, winning or losing. Last week in an effort to keep up on the trends and developments in the dispute resolution profession I attended the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution 12th Annual Spring Conference held in San Francisco. In short, our services are going to make sure this long and tedious decision of divorcing someone becomes a little bit easier.
The rapid speed at which these changes are happening has rendered several segments of the society unable to cope. Now they are working outside of their houses, with many households having not one but two incomes. Yet, now with the recent decision of the Supreme Court making it legal throughout the US, the family laws such as those of divorce seem incompatible.
The California divorce and family laws for example are not meant to handle the complex issues that are arising as a result of these changes. While the child may view both of them as parents, legally only one of them is the real parent owing to biological relations.

This, however, will only be applicable as long as both the spouses are mutually agreeing on the provisions of the agreement. Maggio is a trained divorce mediator who has amicably resolved cases many cases out of court, as well as an experienced divorce and family law attorney. Divorce mediation is a client-centered approach helping individuals and their families achieve affordable, durable, workable solutions in a confidential cooperative environment. Resulting in poor performance and employee turnover, negatively affecting the business and ending in litigation, costing the business money and time.
Relationships come in all shapes and sizes these days and with them whole different set of pressures and expectations. From feeling responsible for the situation to not feeling safe and stable in their own homes, there are significant effects of a divorce on children. When issues such as distribution of assets, custody of children and future of joint policies are discussed in court, things might get heated.
They are well versed in dealing with a wide variety clients and have a special emphasis on resolving the problems being faced by children. Even after a divorce, it is possible for children to feel safe and secured provided the process of divorce is carried out amicably. While divorcing someone will always be difficult, through mediation the process can be made shorter and less antagonistic.
Unlike traditional legal outcomes, mediation helps individuals and their spouse resolve even the most complex divorce-related issues, for mutual satisfaction and affirmation between both parties. Lawyers and Accountants may resolve legal and wealth disputes but do not have the skills or knowledge to resolve emotional issues and individual needs within the family.
Whether married, co-habiting or civil partnerships until the advent of gay marriage partners – between man and woman, man and man or woman and woman, monogamous relationships can despite the best intentions, not work out. The biggest priority for any parent should be to make sure that the process of divorce and all of its effects become less painful for the children. Our mediators ensure that all differences and disputes are adhered to in a peaceful and amicable manner.
Our special emphasis on the problems faced by children will make it easier for your child to comprehend your divorce as well. Finding the best solutions to meet the needs of all individuals involved, saving everyone money and time. Not mention this will end saving loads of time as well as money as you won’t have to make endless rounds of courts or pay extortionate rates to lawyers. The education of children, their place of residence, the allocation of funds for their on-going expenses, custodial rights, all must be planned of well in advance so that children don’t suffer during the divorce proceedings.
This directly affects children as well, as they feel safe and stable if disputes are dealt with peacefully.

Right?Children are often cited as a reason for mediation but that ignores the benefits of mediation of a successful, fair and amicable split between partners.
Also, through the mediation process children are made to understand that no one parent is a ‘hero’ or a ‘villain’. Whether in a traditional marriage or co-habiting, there are legal rights, financial obligations and psychological factors that need to be satisfied to stem any long-term damage to both parties.My skills enable you to focus on the positives with an air of kindness and courtesy to explore your options for the best settlement. Though mediators are not therapists or counsellors, they are able to create a platform through which disputes can be dealt with amicably. So successful are my mediation and counselling skills, that the divorce might even be avoided as an outcome. This platform can also be used to reconsider the decision of divorce if some understanding is reached between both parties involved.
My ‘Mediation Plus’ divorce mediation service benefits you and the other parties because as a trained counsellor and therapist, I include up to eight hours of therapy to help both parties move on to their new beginning without each other and remove the emotional turmoil from the proceedings, leading to a mutually beneficial conclusion.I work for you in close conjunction with a solicitor and accountant to provide you with the best service at an all-inclusive fixed fee.
For a confidential discussion, call Michaela now to help avoid and at least minimise the pain and misery of separation and divorce before it’s too late.
He is a family mediator, a divorce mediator, a collaborative lawyer and partner at Kent regional law firm Whitehead Monckton.He has a particular skills set and specialises in providing objective advice about options and steering clients away from decisions which could cause harm to children and families. He would like to see couples referred to constructive lawyers and mediators so that effective, protective and enduring solutions can be found outside the adversarial system of family law.Within separation discussions there are often understandable anxieties about legal matters. Daniel hopes to offer constructive and friendly advice about options as part of a wider debate about health, well being and financial security. The team recognise the emotional journey clients travel through when they separate and that sometimes, what clients may want, is not what they actually need.
Michaela, Thomas and Daniel take the view that it is only within the context of a concerted approach to help the client tackle all of the issues they face that lasting, sound solutions can be found.Ian Hall, Divorce Process Chartered AccountantIan Hall is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and has been a practice accountant for twenty five years. Ian recognises that the divorce process will almost certainly have significant financial consequences for both parties, and works to alleviate the concern of financial uncertainty.Ian is also a member of the Insolvency Practitioners Association having recently gained his qualification as an Insolvency Technician. This added skill enables him to advice clients who may be facing financial difficulty both generally and as a consequence of a marriage breakdown.Jay Sahota, Lawyer and Dispute Resolution SpecialistJay Sahota is Managing Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution at Kent law firm Sahota Newcomb Scott Solicitors who specialises in commercial and civil disputes. After graduating from Cambridge University, Jay qualified at Allen and Overy, one of the world’s largest Law firms, in 2005. He spent the next decade working in some of the best recognised Dispute Resolution Departments in the City before moving to Kent to start his own practice.Jay has developed an extensive range of experience of commercial and civil litigation and undertakes many different types of dispute from straight forward debt recovery to complex and challenging international arbitration.

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