Fortunately, there are a variety of organizations, universities, technical education institutions, and leading IT companies offering certifications in cloud computing and closely-related topics.
Cloud School is a “global provider of vendor-neutral cloud computing training and certification” offering nine certification programs, including: Certified Cloud Professional, Certified Cloud Technology Professional, Certified Cloud Architect, Certified Cloud Security Specialist, Certified Cloud Governance Specialist, Certified Cloud Storage Specialist, Certified Cloud Virtualization Specialist, Certified Cloud Capacity Specialist, and Certified Cloud Trainer. The UC Berkeley Extension offers a number of courses within its Professional Series in Virtual and Cloud Computing. American Military University, a university affiliated with American Public University, also offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Cloud Computing. DePaul University’s Cloud Computing Technologies Program is an 11-week, intensive program encompassing the principles, methods, and technologies of cloud computing.
Amazon Web Services offers training courses on a variety of topics through numerous partner providers across the globe.
The University of Maryland University College’s Graduate Certificate in Database Systems Technology focuses on the design, development and management of database technologies. The Rackspace CloudU Certificate is a “vendor-neutral, cloud education program designed by Rackspace, Ben Kepes and industry analysts.” Even after program completion, participants may continue to visit the space for up-to-date white papers, videos and MOOC learning series.
The CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification is a certification exam demonstrating an understanding of cloud computing from a business and technical perspective. IBM offers two certification options in Cloud Computing, among a variety of other IT-related certifications: IBM Certified Solution Advisor and IBM Certified Solution Architect.
The Google Apps Certification Program provides valuable certification options for IT professionals who wish to widen their career opportunities, thanks to the popularity and widespread adoption of the Google Apps platform. VMware takes a multi-layered, multi-disciplinary approach to certifying professionals in cloud computing.
Red Hat’s Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service is awarded to professionals who successfully demonstrate the skills, knowledge and abilities to create, configure and manage a cloud application platform using Red Hat’s OpenShift Enterprise.
The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification provides an alternate entry point for candidates who don’t yet have the prerequisite knowledge to pursue the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) or Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification to kickstart their career objectives.
The Cloud Credential Council offers several Associate and Professional-level certifications for IT professionals interested in gaining specialized cloud computing expertise. The Art of Service provides “high end, client focused Books, Toolkits and online and classroom Education Programs.” The company has served more than 800 corporate clients and over half a million individual clients with a variety of self-study and digital cloud computing course materials and certification products.
Learning Tree International’s Cloud Computing Certified Professional certification program includes three required core courses, including Cloud Computing Technologies Introduction, Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) and Cloud Security Essentials, as well as 11 elective options (one elective course required for certification).
Candidates for the Certificate in Cloud Data Management and Analytics offered by the University of Washington will gain an understanding of cloud storage and its major features and functions, and upon completion of the program will have the ability to compare and contrast cloud storage, database and big data solutions on Amazon, Google and Microsoft cloud services.
The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) offers CloudMASTER and CloudGURU Certificate Programs at its Newark, NJ-based campus. Aptech Hardware & Networking Academy offers a variety of Career, Professional and Short-Term courses spanning a range of IT and cloud computing topics. Chicago offers viable career prospects for technology professionals, making the Cloud Genius Certification from Northern Illinois University a convenient option for existing professionals who want to enhance their resume with specialized cloud computing credentials. If you’re one of our top cloud computing certificate programs, let others know about it and display a custom badge on your site. At SimuLearn, we believe that completion of our program gives you a significant amount of team and leadership experience. SimuLearn knows how much it costs to attend university and other higher education opportunities. Just like the Grammys we have a competition that rewards a creative YouTube video that is less than 4 minutes long and demonstrates what you learned in our program.
The term "Advanced Manufacturing Technology" is used to describe flexible manufacturing systems that use innovative technology to improve the design and manufacture of products and processes. The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Program will help you learn marketable skills in a variety of Automated Manufacturing processes to enter the dynamic world of high-tech manufacturing. Labor market demand over next five years is positive for students and the New Hampshire Long-Term Occupational Projections (2006 – 2016) and Wage Data for Advanced Manufacturing Occupations (as defined by U.S. Employment opportunities in manufacturing technologies are anticipated to grow approximately 2% - 5% through 2018. The Applied Career Fundamentals for Advanced Manufacturing Certificate will prepare the student to enter the workforce in an entry level position. Starting with the Fall 2014 Semester, you may be eligible for "free training" benefits through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The Computer Aided Design (CAD) Certificate provides short-term training for job skill development and advancement leading to employment.
The CAD Certificate requires computer skills of: file management, keyboard navigation and mouse techniques. CAD skills are fundamental to supporting drafters in the following areas: Electrical and Electronics Drafting, Architectural Drafting, Mechanical Drafting and Civil Drafting. This CAD Certificate will address the skills needed to support the 4 disciplines with the focus on Architectural and Mechanical. The Mechatronics Certificate will provide detailed knowledge of machining, electrical and electronic theory as it applies to the latest technologies and skills required by manufacturers.
The Robotics Certificate will provide skills and knowledge of robots in automation technology as needed to provide high quality in a production environment. In fact, there aren’t many institutions of higher education offering completely cloud-focused degree programs.

While not an exhaustive list, this list is intended as a resource for professionals and students on the available cloud computing certification options, and for those who wish to add cloud computing skills and expertise to their knowledge banks. Each certification focuses on a specific topic within the cloud computing space, providing an opportunity for professionals to enhance their career opportunities or gain the necessary skills and expertise to advance their organizations forward in the cloud computing landscape.
At the time of this writing, only two of the required nine courses are available, both in classroom delivery format only. Any undergraduate student, enrolled in any major program, may enroll in the Certificate in Cloud Computing program to add an additional credential to improve career prospects upon graduation. The program is delivered in an online format, and is designed to help IT professionals keep pace with the rapidly changing IT industry. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification is designed to recognize IT professionals who possess the technical knowledge and skills to design, deploy and manage applications on the AWS platform.
The program includes two 5-credit courses: Introduction to Cloud Computing and Implementing a Cloud Solution.
Relational databases are emphasized, and students will be exposed to a variety of fundamental database concepts, including distributed databases, data warehousing, data mining, database administration, and database security. The program is praised by a multitude of major industry players for its attention to one of the most pressing technology issues facing enterprises today – securing information in the cloud. While there are no actual prerequisites for taking the exam, CompTIA recommends that candidates have at least six months experience working in an environment that markets or relies on IT-related services. Both certification programs offer sample assessments, objectives, prerequisite knowledge breakdowns and a variety of recommended training resources, including instructor-led, web-based and self-study resources to prepare for the exams. Certifications include Google Apps Certified Administrator, Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist and Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist. Four tracks are available: Administrators, Implementation Experts, Developers and Architects.
There are no eligibility restrictions on who may take the exam, although a three-day, virtual training course is offered for $1,450. The MTA certification is ideal for candidates who wish to pursue careers in IT infrastructure, database design or software development using Microsoft technologies, as well as business professionals in sales, marketing or other roles who wish to enhance their understanding of IT fundamentals as a compliment to their existing roles. Candidates can choose from two Associate-level certifications, including Cloud Technology Associate and Cloud Business Associate, and five Professional-level certifications: Professional Cloud Administrator, Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud Security Manager, Professional Cloud Service Manager and Professional Cloud Solutions Architect. From exam preparation e-learning programs to complete certification kits with study guide books and online courses, The Art of Service offers an array of training materials and certification options for IT professionals with prices ranging from $50 to more than $1,500.
Certifications fall into two broad categories: CA Business Analyst and CA Certified Professional.
Storage and analytics are emphasized, and the program is delivered either in classroom or online format for greater flexibility for professionals. Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and at least two years of IT-related on-the-job experience. The Cloud Genius Certification program is a “cloud computing training institution founded by computing industry experts to provide cutting edge, hands-on Cloud DevOps training that helps students learn to assist businesses transitioning to cloud computing.” Courses are offered on-demand, based on registration.
The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Program will teach you how these systems – using robotic and transport-based automation including modular work cells: assembly stations, storage locations, machining centers, welding centers and painting stations – play out in the product, from design to manufacture to delivery to the customer.
There are two pathways for students to choose from, either a focus on Mechatronics or on Robotics.
Bureau of Labor Statistics) shows a projected 13.9% increase in jobs in the Advanced Manufacturing sector. Employees with job titles such as electrical engineering technicians, robotics technicians, etc. It is designed for the student who seeks immediate employment and who may continue their education and pursue an Associate Degree in manufacturing. The courses prepare students to work in engineering environments to create drawings for manufacture and to help solve engineering problems through graphic communication.
Along with the completed application, students need to submit official transcripts from high school or any previously attended colleges.
Students will learn installation, troubleshooting and maintenance for all types of electromechanical and manufacturing machinery. Students will learn robotic operation, build and design and programming fundamentals specific to tasks the robot will complete. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration TAACCCT Grant #TC-22504-11-60-A-33. Because it’s an emerging and evolving field, many professionals working in the IT field may wish to pursue cloud computing certifications to acquire skills and proficiencies for career advancement or seek more specialized positions in cloud computing. However, course availability changes periodically, and in some cases both classroom and online delivery formats are offered. No specific training courses are required to sit the exam, as sufficient expertise may be gained through practical, on-the-job experience for many professionals.
Students will learn to compare and contrast cloud models and demonstrate the ability to write, compile, debug and execute well-engineered and maintainable programs using appropriate development tools by creating their own cloud projects as part of the certification requirements. There are also numerous training options available for preparing for the exam, offered via both classroom and e-learning environments. The objectives are complex and in-depth, with successful exam scores illustrating a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter and providing certificate-earners with valuable career prospects. The Administrator and Deployment Specialist certification programs are most relevant to IT professionals interested in cloud computing, whereas the Sales Specialist certification is targeted to sales professionals with Google partner organizations who wish to sell Google Apps for Business.

Each track offers robust information to help candidates prepare for exams, including study guides, recommended training resources, sample exam questions and certification paths. A total of six certification options are offered under the Cloud facet of VMware’s comprehensive certification offering, including Cloud, Cloud Infrastructure Design (Certified Associate and Certified Professional-level certifications), Cloud Infrastructure Administration, Cloud Governance (coming soon) and Certified Design Expert – Cloud. The assessment is performance-based, requiring candidates to perform hands-on tasks on a live system rather than answer a series of questions. Candidates choose from three tracks: IT infrastructure, Database or Developer, for a customized program including targeted instructor-led training programs and exams required for certification.
Candidates must complete an approved certification course, offered via CCC Accredited Training Partners, and pass the written exam with a minimum passing score in order to earn certification. In addition to cloud computing certification products, The Art of Service offers training materials for general IT, customer service, help desk, service level management, and other content areas. Certification is required for CA Partners and CA technical and support team members for the specific products they support, and it benefits companies as a whole by boosting customer confidence in company expertise as well as aiding in project qualification and winning contracts. The required course sequence includes Cloud Services for Storage, Cloud-Hosted Databases and Supporting Scalable Analytics in the Cloud. Upon completion of the three required courses, candidates will receive a certificate from NJIT and National Cloud Technologists Association, as well as a membership to National Cloud Technologists Association and eligibility to join the Certified Cloud GURU program. There are several valuable options to professionals at any career and education level who wish to advance their knowledge of the competitive cloud computing landscape. Candidates will submit a functional cloud project as part of the program, which is delivered in a combination of online format and face-to-face sessions with certified Cloud Genius instructors. So whether you are an experienced tradie, manager, accountant, project manager, cook or anything in between and don’t have the qualification or licence, then Qualify Me! Please do not videos to the ticket but upload them to YouTube (or similar) and provide us with the link so we can review them.
Each student will acquire an overview of how a complete system is tied together to produce high quality product at a low cost.
The skills will prepare students to be continuous learners and be adaptable to other CAD system software. The average annual salary for electromechanical technicians, including mechatronics technicians, for the New England states was $52,641 in May 2011. The Community College System of NH is an equal opportunity employer, and adaptive equipment is available upon request to persons with disabilities.
There are no formal prerequisites for program admission, although it’s recommended that participants have intermediate computer skills and the ability to write object-oriented program (OOP) code. Certification tests are administered at Kryterion Testing Centers, in more than 750 locations around the world.
Successful participants will gain proficiencies such as the ability to provide a customer with a roadmap from their current IT environment to an IBM Cloud Computing solution.
Advanced-level credentials are also available, and exams are updated periodically, so candidates must remain current with the latest requirements in order to maintain their credentials. Training courses are offered both in-person and in online delivery format, with in-person courses taking place in various locations around the globe.
Certification options are broken down by CA Technologies product, with Learning Paths and training materials downloadable online and exams administered at Kryterion Testing Centers around the world. Each of the three modules costs $1,600 for the CloudMASTER program, while the CloudGURU program is a single module priced at $1,800. The course options are geared towards those who wish to enter a new professional field or advance in their existing careers.
As part of your use of the program you should be writing a reflective journal via the dashboard. Attach any essays or project work you did during the semester in relation to the vLeader work. This certificate will address all of the skills needed to support disciplines locally and globally with the focus on architectural and mechanical drafting. The full cost for the program is $2,250, and all required courses must be completed within three years of admission to qualify for certification. Courses range in price based on content, venue and provider, with some courses costing around $2,300 while others exceed $10,000.
In the System Engineer program, Microsoft, Red Hat and CompTIA official curriculums are included in the course materials.
Submit any other materials that will help us understand what you learned using the program and how you have grown and we will consider you for one of our scholarships. Your submission provides SimuLearn the right to use materials submitted for marketing purposes. If you have audio or video materials, please do not attach them to the ticket but upload them to YouTube (or similar) and provide us with the link so we can review them.
Deadline for scholarship entries are May 15, 2014; September 15, 2014 and January 15, 2015.
If your submission is received after a deadline date it will be considered for a future deadline.

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