Dog training sessions are held here at Deerness every Saturday morning from 10:30am until 11-30am, with our very own 'dog whisperer', Ian Young, of the International Service Dog Fund.
Not only is Ian familiar with the dog training, but also with some of the problems encountered by those dependent on Service Dogs.
Ian works as a consulting instructor for several organisations and advises on high quality dog training. If you are experiencing difficult or aggressive behavioural problems with your dogs, please contact me for an initial consultation or to book an appointment. Today saw the start of two new 6 week blocks of Dog Training Classes and what a great start to both courses!
I have received a number of calls from parents, who attended today’s classes, thanking me for involving all the children.
If you would like to involve all your family in Dog Training, including your children, then give me a call to discuss class options.
Just wanted to say thanks for a good 6 weeks training class. You are very good at what you do and I will definitely Thank you for the excellent guidance and encouragement you provide in your dog training classes and 121 training. Following class yesterday I took Alfie for a walk and we came across a couple walking their two dogs who were both barking and lunging. Today saw the last lesson of the 6 week Dog Training Classes.  These classes are open to all breeds and are designed to offer handlers the opportunity to nurture a happy and obedient dog that they can feel proud to walk to heel and recall. The main problems handlers’ experience prior to attending my classes are lack of bond, recall issues and excessive pulling on the lead.  Throughout the 6 weeks we focus on all aspects of Dog Training and achieve some amazing results.
The superstar from today’s Dog Training Class has to be 4 year old Molly who attends training with her mum Vicki and Easo their 10 month old German Shepherd.  Vicki recently had a bad experience with a trainer who was trying to focus Easo into a down position which is totally negative and unacceptable.
Laura had been attending a dedicated breed specific training class, but felt that the training and grounds used haven’t allowed her to challenge Ellie. Today’s Dog Training Lesson allowed me to assess this pair to identify the stage that Laura and Ellie are working at. Laura went away a happy client after booking a further lesson to ensure that she stays on-track with the training programme set.
Testimonial – Residential Dog Training and Dog Training Classes with Benson the Sprocker Spaniel. After talking to Damian you could tell he was passionate and he assured me he would be able to help, he suggested a 1-2-1 dog training lesson. Then due to personal commitments we were struggling to keep up with the structure, Benson needed. With Damian’s magic, not just teaching Benson but me and my husband to keep the consistency and keep relaxed, it made walks a pleasure. I am delighted that many clients have committed to continue on with their Dog Training Lessons with me.
I am looking forward to observing further progress, and individual achievements, within my 7pm Dog Training Class next week. I am currently taking booking for classes starting in March, so please contact me if you are interested in securing a place.
Gus is a 9 months old Hamilton Hound whose behaviour had become problematic for his owners. Today’s behavioural home visit allowed me to discuss and visualise Gus’ behavioural issues with his owners to build up a full picture of the factors contributing to this behaviour.
Adara and Luke are 100% committed to working with me to ensure that a happy, healthy, relationship is established between them and Gus. It is important that all puppies are given the opportunity to develop into happy and well balanced dogs. The puppy socialisation and puppy training classes for Gosport are run by Ros and are for puppies up to the age of 6 months.

This way a puppy will have time to settle into a new class and gradually build up solid foundations for the future. 1.To provide a means of socialising puppies and to lay down a foundation of education and training for all puppies. This course is run by Ros and aims to continue your puppy's education and as an introduction into dog training. The Humane Society and Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow have teamed up to offer dog obedience group classes at the Humane Society.
This reward-based training is where you will start your journey to having a well-behaved dog by focusing on creating reliable behaviors and getting your dog to focus on you. This reward-based training class is designed to make your dog well-behaved in public, or to prepare you for the Canine Good Citizen test. We adopted Cece- now known as Sunny Day- and knew that she was going to be the perfect dog.
First, you take your dog to the car (on a leash) with the door open and walk around it slowly and praise him as you do. Note: If the dog has had real dog obedience training this exercise should not be difficult.
Try to coax him into jumping into the car using the treats as sort of a breadcrumb trail … at the door jamb, the car floor and a small bounty on the seat.
If the above doesn’t work, try having someone on the other side of the car calling him through the car.
If neither of these steps work, try backing your dog away from the car and then running up to the door and encouraging his momentum to take him further in. If any of these are successful, lay on the praise as if it is the best thing that has happened in your life.
The next step to training your dog to ride is to close the doors with you and your dog inside.
After you dog is fully adjusted and doesn’t freak out at the short car ride, take him some place fun like the park or a nature trail where he can sniff and explore to his heart’s content. If for some reason you can’t get your dog to get into a car with the above tips, consult with a dog trainer. One particular family commented that their children were so focused and already looking forward next week’s Dog Training Class. However, results are only achieved if you put in the homework.  Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect.
Today, 4 year old Molly demonstrated that with no force she could not only once but on multiple occasions get Easo to a down position.
This assessment also allowed me to design a structured training programme for Ellie to help Laura achieve her goals. But 6 weeks into didn’t feel we were getting anything from it apart from me getting stressed, so I started researching on the net to come across Damian.
After 5 minutes of Damian having Benson he was walking to heel we couldn’t believe it. Both my new trainees at 7pm and my 8pm trainees, who were concluding their 6 week programme, demonstrated some great achievements. This demonstrates their understanding that training your dog needs to be a long-term commitment to achieve long-term results: not just a 6 week commitment to dipping the paw in the water.
I’m also looking forward to welcoming the new recruits to my 6 week Dog Training block commencing next Wednesday at 8pm too.
One of the primary reasons that led his owners to contact me was the complaints received from neighbours regarding Gus crying excessively when he was left home alone. After just a few hours it became very clear that whilst Gus was a much loved dog, he hadn’t been given clear commands and boundaries.

After only one day of working with them I received a beautiful small testimonial that reflects my commitment and dedication to my role as a Canine Behaviourist and Advanced Dog Trainer.
We add distractions and distance to the basic behaviors to help your dog advance and make the behaviors reliable.
This person needs to be very encouraging and have some treats or even a favorite toy to tempt him.
It’s not realistic to expect long term results if you only attend a class for one hour per week and don’t practice what you’ve learned in between. From there we booked onto a 6 week dog training course, which we started seeing improvements. So we phoned Damian at short notice, and he said yes he’d have him for residential dog training. It is important for every owner to understand that not only is a dog for life, but so are their training requirements. More importantly, whilst Gus is certainly a healthy looking dog and doesn’t want for material things his life was lacking in mental stimulation and exercise. Maybe, he associates that a car ride equates to an unpleasant trip to the vet’s office for shots. This could take a few attempts, but it is considered progress if you can get him to eat the treats at the door jamb and move closer.
By this time, your dog should start to associate the car (and the dog training) with pleasant feelings. For ten years he worked for this organisation and he took the opportunity to undertake further training. And little Kipper, well I need to not expect too much just yet…Maybe we will see you again when he is bigger in an advanced class? It’s important to adopt good habits by training every day to instil basic training and ensure consistency.
1 of the main things we learnt was getting him to actually focus on us, and keep the structure there. To their credit, Gus’ owners were very open to receiving such feedback and recognised that these factors would need to be addressed to help Gus become a happier and more well-rounded dog. And, you have to worry more about how they behave in the car rather than getting them into the car. If he freaks out, back away from the car until you find a spot that is comfortable for him.
Even my more mature dogs still have basic training every day to ensure they maintain consistency. We love her so much, and without the wonderful staff and volunteers at HSTB, we probably wouldn’t have come home with a puppy. With others, they may exhibit signs of fear and anxiety and may even become nauseous during the ride. Again, if your dog shows signs of nervousness, ignore it as it will only reinforce that behavior.
Thank you so much for a wonderful adoption, and I hope to have many more visits to the shelter. Whatever the reason, you need to take steps to help him so that he will associate a car ride as a positive experience … like a ride to the park. Slowly work him closer and closer to the car and the open door until he is calm and relaxed.

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