While some dogs are more submissive, others have dominant nature and quite often challenge their owners to gain the control.
Training of the dog ideally should start when it is between six to eight weeks of age. The commands can start from the basic ones such as 'Sit', 'Down' and 'Stay' and gradually move to the simpler tricks such as 'Shake', 'Speak' and 'Roll Over' to the more complex commands and tricks such as 'Fetch The Ball', 'Fetch The Newspaper' or 'Jump Through The Ring'. Train him to perform at least one of the commands before getting anything desirable such as food, walk or love. Each time your dog performs a particular command, praise it and reward it immediately with its favorite treat.
You can teach him to sit and shake hands, until you throw the ball for him to fetch or even lie down and roll over to make you pet him or rub his belly.
Make sure that dog understands what you want him to do, before withholding his food or walks.
Positive reinforcement dog training is a friendly, non-punitive method of teaching your dog to perform behaviors using food, Dog Treats or other positive actions as a reward. Compulsion dog training or training based on physical punishment usually involves some level of discomfort or even pain and is not recommended as it may cause your dog to bite in order to defend himself. Getting Started With Positive Dog TrainingIt always helps to have the best positive reinforcement Dog Training Supplies to get started on the right path.
Using Positive Rewards: Play, Treats, Or Toys Most dogs will happily work for tasty dog treats.
Continuous Positive Reinforcement In addition to the food reward, each time your dog responds appropriately to a cue, you should also offer verbal praise. Rewarding Good Behavior Once your dog responds reliably to a cue you should only reward her for staying committed to the behavior. Only instructors approved as an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluators may teach AKC Star puppy classes. Just like you need to teach manners and etiquettes to your children, you need to train a dog as well.
Yet others prefer to manipulate the owners instead of being aggressive, growling, snarling, or snapping.

Let the dog earn food, treats, walks or being loved and petted on head, by learning a new trick or command. In such a case, it would be beneficial to understand why your dog behaves the way it does, its nature, and so on.
Do not give the desired thing, until the dog drops his resistance and starts obeying your command. Rewarding appropriate dog behavior makes that behavior more likely to occur in the future and is one of the most powerful tools you can use to shape or change your dog’s actions. Punishment may also be associated with other stimuli, including people, present at the time the punishment occurs. PupLife has a great selection of training gear, including No-Pull Harnesses, Martingale Collars and even Dog Training Books.
The sequence should look something like this: you cue your dog to sit, she sits, you say “Yes!” and reward her immediately with a treat. For example, if you cue your dog to sit and stay, you should reward her only when she is tempted to break the sit and doesn’t (like if she sees another dog walk by and doesn’t get up). Class is limited to a max of 16 pups, so sign up in advance.  A $50 non refundable deposit is required to hold your space. Dogs often have behavior problems, such as climbing up on sofas and beds and pestering you to play with them and keep talking to them. The greed of getting a treat or being loved just by adhering to a simple command would definitely make your pup perform the tasks efficiently and learn them quickly as well. For example, a dog that is punished for getting too close to a small child may become fearful of or defensive around that child. With the right supplies, you'll be ready to start training your best friend.Timing is also key with positive reinforcement dog training.
When your dog is learning a new behavior, he should be rewarded every time he does the behavior (continuous reinforcement).
They either are unable to comprehend even the basic of instructions, such as, to respond when called, to sit down or fetch a newspaper.
Dogs, who are more fearful, feel more comfortable by obeying commands and knowing their place in the hierarchy.

In the following lines, we have mentioned tips on how to train your dog, so as to help it exhibit acceptable behavior and also save you from embarrassing situations. It is difficult to train a dog when he spends valuable time chewing and swallowing the reward treat. It may be necessary to use “shaping,” with your dog (reinforcing something close to the desired response and gradually requiring more from your dog before he gets the treat). That is, through a reinforcement (food), your dog will associate particular behaviors with actual rewards. For example, if you’re teaching your dog to roll over, you might reward him first for laying down, then for laying down and rolling on his back, and finally for laying down and rolling all the way over. It would also assist your dog in understanding its position in the family and accepting behaving as a part of life. Many dogs take children as their playmates rather than superiors as they are smaller and play with them more often.
In such cases, you need to make children, older than eight years, learn the training techniques too.
Everyone in the family should use the same cue system and should never reinforce the wrong behavior. PupLife carries a nice variety of healthy Dog Training Treats that work great for positive reinforcement. For example, if you cue your dog to sit, he should be given a dog treat the moment his behind hits the ground. If you wait until he stand up again, the moment will be lost and he will think he is getting rewarded for standing.

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