If you require a security in London company that can provide high quality Door Supervisors at very competitive rates then Colossus Security offers the service that will meet your demands. Colossus Security can provide Door Supervisors for a variety of indoor or outdoor needs, from restaurants and bars to corporate venues, private functions and hotels. Our reputation as a high quality security in London company is upheld by ensuring all our Door Supervisors are SIA accredited and licensed, CRB checked, and specifically trained in this security sector discipline.

We are committed to maintaining a position as one of the most respected Security Companies within our discipline, ensuring your reputation is upheld, and your business and premises are protected with the deployment of high calibre Door Supervision. Colossus Security can provide you with the door supervision that you need, whatever the circumstances, whatever the environment. Current UK Threat LevelCurrent Threat Level: SEVEREThe current UK threat level is SEVERE from international terrorism.

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