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Adventure comedy about a dreamer Walter Mitte, whose life extends beyond boring, but in his fantasy world full of heroism and romance.
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Once, when Walter cases of serious problems at work, he finds the courage to act in reality and on an amazing adventure, which never even dreamed of.

Walter Mitty - photo service official magazine Life, which threatens the reorganization in the online edition with all the consequences like appearance in the leadership of the new broom and indiscriminate cuts. Please click Facebook Like button below if you like this The Secret Life Of The American Teenager wallpaper Image or Tweet to share it to your twitter. The famous photographer Sean O'Connell sends the film, one of the staff which has to go on the cover of the last issue of the paper.
Then the humble, ordinary and unobtrusive Editor goes in search of the famous extremals Sean to help solve the mystery of the disappearance of important shots, and a journey to the edge of the world becomes a truly life-changing.
The story of the little man, the most striking and unusual life events which occur in his fantasies, was written by American author and journalist James Thurber in 1939 and has become very popular. However, between the literary original and two adaptations have almost nothing in common except the title character - unrestrained dreamer Walter. Yes, that really there, Thurber story - a very brief humorous sketches, just two pages of witty easy text, during which the hero throws of the world created by his overactive imagination, in the dreary reality and back, that's all.

These concise outlines in the film Stiller added the indispensable romantic attachment mysteriously distant and unattainable Sean, and most importantly - a triumphal realization seemed unrealistic fantasies of adventure and distant countries. Banal story about sbychu dream, within the concept of the American dream threatened to buy slaschavenky Hollywood taste, in fact, turned out to be fresh, bright and full of dizzying oxygen. Creating a humorous image klutz and demure Walter Mitty, Stiller happily avoided the traditional comedic insanity and kept his hero not only dignity, but also some drama.

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