The book of shadows page has grown so that I have to actually make an index for these things.
This is not any one person's book, but it has been created from posts to the list book-of-shadows. Ivy Book of Shadows - another great resin covered book of shadows with the great spiral binding.
Dragon Spell Book - This wonderful resin covered book has a great dragon curled around a red egg and is embellished with a green knotwork design accented with a red jewel in each corner of the front and the back of the book. Pentacle Book of Shadows - From the same folk who do our tree book of shadows, this leather cover is a perfect black with a simple pentacle embossed in to it. Refill for leather bound books of shadows - The books are blank and have 110 heavy bond acid-free leaves (220 pages).
Metal Book Stand - decorated with fairies, you may remember this book stand from one of the shows we did. Spiral Bound Tribal Book of Shadows - a great cover hides plain white unlined spiral bound pages. Spiral Bound Pagan Book of Shadows - This was custom-created for the pagan market and the artist shows their flair and passion in thix cover.
Triquetra Grimoire - Always loved the book of shadows on "Charmed" but never knew where to get one? New Moon Parchment Blank Book of Shadows - This hand-sewn, hand-bound book of shadows is exclusive to New Moon. We highly recommend using a pen of art and magical ink to write into your book of shadows with however any pen or pencil will do. NEW MOON Parchment Paper Small Books of Shadows - These are smaller, plain versions of our larger parchment book of shadow.
All of these books come with a lock with 2 keys, silk ribbon bookmark sewn into the spine and you can use a Pen of art to copy things into your book of shadows.
Dragons Kingdom Book of Shadows - This spiral bound book of shadows has a wonderful cover that reminds me of the Whitby Wyrm t-shirt we sell.
Leap of Faith Book of Shadows - Standing on the edge of a cliff, this dragon prepares for flight over the river.
Spellbound Book of Shadows - The face of the Dragon Lord peers out at you from the cover of this book.

Egyptian Grimoire - "Perhaps no other civilization and culture has inspired so much interest and fascination as that of Ancient Egypt. Book of Shadows Grimoire - From the makers of the beautiful and expensive grimoires on our site comes this beautiful book of shadows. Ultimate Silver Goddess Grimoire (400 leaves which is 800 pages) - "The Goddess, The Lady, sometimes called the Crone or Moon Goddess.
Raven Moon Grimoire - "The Raven is a powerful totem animal in many spiritual circles.
So the next day I started writing this story about her dreams we would come up with each night.
What I would like to get help with is the title for our book.  I have a couple of versions of the title. Make More Money Part Time, Than Your Husband Makes Full Time!Just ask to receive FREE DVD and Info kit in the mail, no obligation, no risk!
With the New Moon dragon on the cover, and beautiful champagne parchment paper in A4 size sewn into a 500 page book, this is one of the best low-cost books of shadows we have to offer. With a full 250 pages, this plain black covered book is embellished with brass corner guards, brass d-rings for sliding a padlock through, a bookmark sewen right into the binding, and beautiful end paper in a marbled effect sprinkled with gold. As you approach the ritual space, your book of shadows is brought out of hiding and finally unlocked.
They start with a professionally bound hardcover book of acid free white paper which is now thicker to take inkwell pen and ink, watercolour paints and more as thicker paper means less soaking through to the other side of the page. The books within the embossed leather covers are blank and have 110 heavy bond acid-free leaves (220 pages). We have provided exclusive book of shadows information from a high priestess by taking her book of shadows and reproducing it for our customers only. On the cover is a crest - in the center a star; around the star at the quarters are a chalice, an athame, a cauldron and a wand.
Larger so that it can hold more writing, this wonderful piece features the great solid metal hinges with beautifully ornate corners and a central pentacle. Throughout history and in many cultures, she has bore many names, but the sacred names translate into descriptions or are other language forms for the term 'lady' or Goddess'. Learn how to use everyday objects and recycled items to make simple, practical and funky decorations for your room, including a plush floor rug, beautiful wall hangings, photo displays, coordinated desk organisers, easy bunting and much more!About the AuthorSophie Splatt is a Melbourne-based editor and writer.

The book is then covered in fine calfskin leather and the inside covers are lined in cotton fibre watermarked paper. Covers are embossed with one of the designs below, and close with a pewter button and leather thong. Above and below the crest are banners - the top bears the words "Book of Shadows" and the bottom the word "Grimoire". Beautifully made, people will fight over who gets to write in and keep it between rituals despite the weight because of the beauty of the piece. The cover is not too occult to cause distress among family and so can easily be hidden in plain sight while the rivited d-rings with padlock ensure no one will be able to read what you have written. While refills are available, You may also wish to select a new covered book when your current one fills. Each set comes with rituals, chants, a few spells, Goddess and God calls, elemental calls and blessings to help you start your own book. This is the pinnacle of the bookmakers art and will be valued and cherished for generations to come. The high quality parchment paper enables both written word and painted images to be recorded and it is beautiful, looking like ancient parchment. They are made with top quality cowhide and decorated with a pewter button that is appropriate to the tooled image on the cover. The hinges and all metalwork are created in a gold finish and the book is made in black leather. It uses an oxblood leather (deep red) which works best with the gold coloured metal findings. It contains 400 sheets and uses the codex binding system meaning you can, with a bit of effort, remove and replace pages. Because of their beauty and availability, these are our top choice for customer satisfaction.
Created individually, by hand using a Old World Style Codex Binding to allow for removal and addition of sheets plus it has medieval booklocks.

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