Dream League Soccer 2016 is a surprisingly high quality entry in the football simulation genre (or soccer if you live in the US), competing easily with the big names like FIFA.
One of the most important thing in Dream League Soccer 16, just like in any other football simulation game out there is to master the controls and be able to take a good pass, a good cross or a good shot. Try not to sell any of your players for a while – keep a large squad in order to be able to swap players that get tired, but at the same time sign better and better players for your team.
I would suggest to start by signing a solid forward first, because you will need a lethal player in the final third, then depending on how your squad plays, sign another great forward or a great midfielder. Slightly more offensive tactics work best in the game – I had great success with 4-3-3, but also the classic 4-4-2 works well. Once you have a pretty solid setup of players, go into the Player Development section and start training them, improving their stats. For money problems just use the free ad thing its only 15-30 seconds long and it gives you 30 coins and its almost endless. What I did is at the start when you start with like 1K i got it a bit high bought TWO decent players (Di Maria and Keylor Navas) and then used player development to make them best as possible. Use your started squad given to you; instead of buying big names for 2k+ just use your team you have now and then develop them.
When i try to buy players it says player is not available it may be available in upcoming weeks why is this so ??!!
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Fast paced, with great graphics and a lot of depth, Dream League Soccer 2016 is a game that will surely keep you hooked for a long time, challenging you to progress up through the leagues and become the best club in the world. The control scheme in Dream League Soccer 16 seems to be extremely difficult to master, with shooting and aiming requiring quite a bit of practice. Multi player games were complete losses for me at huge scores, while I barely managed to win by one goal in single player games. It’s all about their ratings and not their name, so just look for high quality players that come as cheap as possible.
Remember that faster players are better than slower ones, so always consider speed a must have attribute for all your players.
Always go with the attacking mentality and you can drop down to moderate when playing online matches.
One session costs 50 coins, which is pretty much, but if you upgrade your existing stars and make them even better, it will be worth all the money you spend and you won’t have to transfer in many other players.
And I am here to help make that transition as quick and nice as possible by sharing with you some Dream League Soccer 2016 cheats and tips to build the ultimate team and win all your matches! Make sure that you get all that practice as soon as possible, by playing as many matches as you can and always trying to improve.

But you have to keep on playing, giving it your best and eventually you will learn the controls and what works better than anything else.
I know you would love to have the big names out there in your squad, but having quality players is all that matters.
Later one, when you have a decently sized squad, you can start selling your low quality players and get better ones instead.
I then lose my current progress even if it was online, and i payed (yes i payed) because it kept doing this so i payed for my coins back, then lost them again. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Namely, the control is good for the production of mobile and no problem we can do is what I assume. Recruit new Players, upgrade your Stadium, and train your team as you march towards glory, on your road to Soccer Super Stardom! Even if you have way better players, you will still get bad results if you can’t shoot or pass the ball.
So set the lowest prices first and see what you can find for that money, them move up if there’s nothing good. So don’t be afraid and download that working cheat to all systems (androids and ios)! In the Dream League Soccer game already millions of people – and you play and thanks to our program will save money.

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