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Inside of each of us is an incredibly pure shiny diamond. A priceless gem just waiting to be cut and polished. If you knew how to take charge of your dream life and shine brightly and successfully, would you? Today’s message from us recognises one key difference – between those who actually grasp and maximise their full potential and those who take their skills, goals, and dreams with them to the grave. It’s scary to acknowledge that you’re not yet living your dream life because, if you really, really saw the incredible talent existing within you, you’d feel obliged to maximise it and DO something with it! But, most people prefer to stay asleep – remain in denial that there’s something special within them. What’s worse is they look around them, and see everyone else like them who are struggling and who aren’t living their dream life yet. The effect of closing their eyes to opportunities within them over the years is remarkable. Ignoring the skills and influence within them, means they’re limiting their life experiences to the circumstances around them. They’re irritated by the people around them, particular those who have leveraged their talents and gained success – so slag them off, and call them cheats and cads. Well, if not quite yet, then start with this simple task: Take inventory of the things in your life which you wish were different.

Then, with Your Dream Life list, ask yourself what you’d do about each of these things IF you had the ability to change them. Only once you “own” the flaws in your uncut diamond, and accept them for what they are, can you begin to cut and polish the stone. Most people in the Western world make excuses and blame others because their lives haven’t worked out how they wanted.
The life you desire is waiting for you…  Are you going to start polishing your rough diamond today? All that separates you from your dream life is the work you need to do with the diamond cutter and polisher.
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These really are the most important questions you should be asking yourself, if you can’t get clear on this and feel yourself filled with excitement and energy then I would say you are less likely to make the changes need to move towards your dream life. I speak from personal experience here, after 14 years working in top level management in the corporate world I took a leap of faith and escaped the rut I found myself in. I hope I can inspire you in some way, my favorite quote is what started me off “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! This entry was posted in ¦ Inspired Guidance ¦ and tagged Action, dream life, financial freedom, follow dreams, follow your dreams, free life, freedom, happy life, law of attraction queen, life path, live a dream life, live the dream, live your dream mentoring, liz green, personal development, personal development journey, personal freedom, positive inspiration, positive motivation, positive vibes, The Law of Attraction by Liz Green.
They seek evidence that everyone is stuck with the same rubbish circumstances (job, economy, boss, education, etc) just like them.

Only once you’ve taken complete ownership of your circumstances, whether they’re of your making or not, will you be able to switch from being a victim in life, to being in a space of personal power. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and decide to “own the uncut diamond” you were born with and start creating your dream life where you shine out. You should also assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for providers of goods and services mentioned on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. To me living the dream has always been about helping others, personal freedom, visiting new and exciting places and most of being surrounded with like minded positive people.
You need to confidence to follow your dreams but its worth it once you make your move… trust me! Imagine it, cut it, polish it, bring it to life and draw out it’s beauty with his own hands. And do you accept defeat and think there’s nothing you can do to change the way things are?
It took courage, determination and faith both in myself and my business but I can honestly say I am very grateful I did it.

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