You tell us what you need and we'll create a business management system designed for your company. Eddie James, born in Phoenix, AZ, accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at the age of 8. Being in full time ministry and traveling all over the world, Eddie James has been able to change many lives through his powerful praise and worship sets, dramas, seminars, workshops, as well as preaching the Gospel. For ministry, production, songwriting, worship, or outreach, Eddie James will meet and exceed your expectations.
How will you feel when you fulfill your dream?  What does it look like when you fulfill your dream?
I pray that you go after the dream that God has put in your heart and be all that God has created you to be! Our God Is Faithful Ministries is reaching out to the multitudes with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He entered into music ministry at the tender age of 9 and it is for this reason that Eddie recognizes the gifts of God inside of young people.
You can hear his music not only on projects that he’s recorded himself, but also with leading Christian leaders such as Helen Baylor, Mississippi Mass Choir, Mark Condon from Turning Point Church, Christ Church in Nashville, TN, Karen Wheaton, and many more.

His ministry has placed him on the platform with leading artists, Christian leaders, and our nation’s most influential churches, such as Bishop TD Jakes, Benny Hinn, Paula White, Tommy Barnett, Marilyn Hickey, 4 Him, Kirk Franklin, Plus One, Third Day, Judy Jacobs, P-Diddy, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Usher, Kelly Prince, and so many more. Under this umbrella he has established the following groups: The Phoenix Mass Choir, ColourBlind, Asaph, Tab, and Ultimate Call.
He currently travels with approximately 40 young people all who share their love for music and ministry. God has placed a burden inside of Eddie James, to minister to those who are hurting and lost, with an extraordinary emphasis on youth and young adults.
He is also the founder of his label, Fresh Wine Records, Fresh Wine Publishing, Fresh Wine Productions, and Dream Life. The dream God has given you is filled with great purpose, and a plan for your life and the many lives that you will influence as you walk in what God has purposed for you. As a result of his efforts, God has established Eddie James as a leader of music and ministry in the nation and around the world. His group ColourBlind, a culturally diverse group of five young men, released an album called, The David Story. Dream Life is a recovery program that rehabilitates troubled youth and college age students.

Write it down and keep it before you.Have you planned the steps that it would take to fulfill the dream? Break the Walls is a musical production designed for high school and college youth that deals with the issues of drugs, violence, pre-marital sex, racism, and dysfunctional families. Here is one of the reports that came back to Our God IS Faithful Ministries when Pastor Karen was the guest speaker. Eddie James along with ColourBlind has reached over 200,000 youth in America with this musical drama presentation. Do you think it will just happen on its own and all of a sudden one day you wake up and you are living your dream?

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