Living The American Dream is perhaps the most widely discussed national ethos in the world, with people from all over the world landing here in order to achieve it. Yes, it is the most famous ideal in the world, which makes it all the more ironic that no one really knows what it is. The definition may have deviated from time to time, but there’s one thing that has remained consistent through the years; the American dream is centered on the idea of freedom.
Our fascination with freedom and gaining control is understandable, since our motherland was basically a British colony in the beginning. A majority of you will answer in an overwhelmingly positive tone, as you are no longer tied to answer to anyone and have the freedom to buy anything you want.
This author hasn't written their bio yet.JF Ventures LLC has contributed 68 entries to our website, so far. Dreams are not mere imaginations that are woven in your sleep and forgotten thereafter; they actually act as a source of illumination in your journey of life. The main reason why we are afraid to follow is that we have learned to compromise with our dreams.
We hear about overnight rags to riches stories such as that of taxi driver turned billionaire Tamir Sapir and think to ourselves; wow, this really is the place to make dreams come true, the land of the free and the home of the brave.
There’s no fixed definition for Living the American Dream, as it varies from person to person and time to time.
In the 19th century, it was freedom and equality for the African Americans, who were working as slaves.
When you are constantly spending money that you don’t have, paying a higher amount later on?

You need huge bank balance or wealthy ancestral lineage to pursue your dreams; some people do hold this kind of opinion but if Mr. Though money is required but money is not as important as your courage to dream big and having a strong belief in your dreams. They are actually an indication of what you want to be in your life and what god wants you to do and this is the reason why all of us have different dreams. See, in the nineteenth century, the Dream was seen as the freedom to do as one pleases, regardless of gender, race or other means. In the 20th century, it was freedom to afford a higher standard of living, and today, it is freedom from the financial constraints that the current economy and recession has brought on us. If you owned your own business, you would achieve some level of freedom in the professional level, which is why I always stress the importance of entrepreneurship.
Ambani would have thought in the same manner, I am sure Reliance Industries would not have come into existence. Money is a secondary thing I would rather say because until and unless you dream and work hard for achieving it, you will not be able to fulfill it. It is often witnessed that people excel in the work if they do it with all heart and soul and what would be better if that work is your dream job. Life does not give everybody an opportunity to pursue their dreams; it rather tests everybody and then the people who stipulate all the tests are given the opportunity to live your dreams.
In the 20th century, this was changed to having a job, a car and an upper middle class life. I believe that the American Dream itself is a flawed logic, as nobody is really ever free; there’s always someone you have to answer to.

For many of us today, getting a job in one of the best firms would be what we consider success but just give it a thought, that firm is somebody else’s dream and by working there we are just helping the person in achieving his dreams and in return he is paying us for that. Being a dreamer myself, I understand how beautiful and fun it is to dream good things in your life and how much does it hurts when your dreams are shattered.
We should never ever let anybody not even ourselves destroy our dreams and should never compromise with our wishes. Today, the American dream is turning into a millionaire overnight, like the example I mentioned above. Now get back to work and finish it all before the boss comes back, or he may have to give you a good old yelling session; can’t talk back to him either, since he’s the one paying your salary, running your American dream. All great men did not become great in a day; they worked hard for it and never lost faith in themselves and in their dreams. It is good to help others and it is through social interdependence that we achieve our dreams but that does not mean that we stop dreaming and let go our dreams thinking that they would never come true. And if you don’t pay up, the credit card companies will come after you like rabid dogs, eventually foreclosing your house and the so called American Dream.
These dreams may seem to be quite non-sensible ones but little do we realize that it is these dreams that are the building blocks of what we want ourselves to be in life. Dreams will come true if we have courage to pursue them and it is not just a statement it does take a lot of courage because the path that leads you to your dream may be filled with a lot of obstacles and in many of the cases those impedance may be your near and dear ones but you will have to emerge and strong willed person because once you achieve what your dream for, you become content and it is the satisfaction that we wish for ultimately.

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