These really are the most important questions you should be asking yourself, if you can’t get clear on this and feel yourself filled with excitement and energy then I would say you are less likely to make the changes need to move towards your dream life.
I speak from personal experience here, after 14 years working in top level management in the corporate world I took a leap of faith and escaped the rut I found myself in. I hope I can inspire you in some way, my favorite quote is what started me off “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
This entry was posted in ¦ Inspired Guidance ¦ and tagged Action, dream life, financial freedom, follow dreams, follow your dreams, free life, freedom, happy life, law of attraction queen, life path, live a dream life, live the dream, live your dream mentoring, liz green, personal development, personal development journey, personal freedom, positive inspiration, positive motivation, positive vibes, The Law of Attraction by Liz Green. The most important aspect isn’t about bringing new players into the squad, but rather retaining the talent we have. Having gained promotion from a number of leagues, you have had a first-hand view of the eengine roomi of South African football. I have lots of praise for the structures, because they allow young players to come through the ranks.
To me living the dream has always been about helping others, personal freedom, visiting new and exciting places and most of being surrounded with like minded positive people.

You need to confidence to follow your dreams but its worth it once you make your move… trust me! We have also prided ourselves on bringing in the right kind of players, guys who work really hard. Has the notorious second-season syndrome contributed to the sideis indifferent form this season? The immediate goals are to consolidate our place ?in the PSL for three years, as well as win at least one cup competition during that time.
When the university backs you and your staff, it makes ?it possible to knuckle down and achieve the ?goals you have set. The Varsity Cup has added to the existing framework, and all the lower leagues are very competitive. We lost most of our scoring power at the end ?of last season, but the new players in the squad have now settled.
If a coach isn’t worried ?about other factors, such as job security, ?the team can really come together.

However, some of the facilities need improvement ?in order for players to reach their full potential. It took courage, determination and faith both in myself and my business but I can honestly say I am very grateful I did it.
I am confident we will match our ?points tally from last season, and hopefully that ?will be enough for a top-eight finish once again. The key will be to earn enough points during this period, so that we aren’t under pressure in the last few fixtures of the season.

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