Ordinary meaningDreaming of baby is an optimistic symbol, representing new excitements in life. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. Dreaming of a baby who has a beautiful smile indicates that you are truly loved by someone.
When her baby Mila takes a nap, she imagines what she might be dreaming and then stages a photo of the scene which she then documents on the blog Mila’s Daydreams. Dreaming of a woman nursing her child indicates lack of trust that you have for people around you. Baby crawling dreams indicate that you are thinking on your own in life.Dreaming of babies (several babies) represents a new venture wherein you are going to be involved. Pregnant females may have this dream due to the overdue of the baby in life as they are worried about this delay.

Dreaming of a premature baby or if you aren’t prepared to be a parent even if you are expecting a baby in the dream indicates that you need not be worried about the project that you currently have in your hands.
Several times life tests us and hence it is necessary to have confidence and faith on yourself.Dreaming of more than two babies indicates a new beginning in life.
Dreaming of an attention seeking baby who cries in the dream indicates that you have recently turned creative. Such a dream also symbolizes that you may have worries related to your creative ventures in future. It may also mean that you need to guard some part of your character or maybe you have certain new opinions or ideas.Dreaming of a crying baby indicates problems back at the workplace. A happy as well as cute baby depicts innocence, lack of worry, new aims, a good start, hope, personal gratitude, etc. A scary or ugly baby depicts worries, difficulties, lack of confidence or even obstacles in life.Such baby dreams indicate unhappiness, disappointment, struggle related to spiritualism and even difficult times in future.

Dreaming of a baby walking or learning to walk indicates the start of shaping the projects that have recently started.
Dreaming of a sleeping baby indicates a resting period as well as a detachment from the problems that you’ve been facing from quite some time. Dreaming of a baby in the carriage depicts unexpected support in the projects that will help you to achieve the aims. Dreaming of a birth depicts personal goals in life, promising futures, imagination, creativity and even exceptional ability. Dreaming of adopting a baby tells you to accept the tasks that are new in your way, new duties in the daily work and also the thing that you are totally aware of the problems that are going to come in future.

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