Surrounded by glorious white sands and turquoise waters the tiny island resort of Kandolhu is truly a dream honeymoon destination for those seeking an intimate experience whilst maintaining the standard of accommodation, dining and activities you might expect to find in a larger island. Located on the western shores of Kandohu, the Jacuzzi Beach Villas offer a spacious haven for private living. The Duplex pool villas boast 150 square meter of space with two floors of fresh interiors and modern furnishings. Elegantly poised over the Indian Ocean, the Ocean Villas feature a large bedroom, a bathroom facing the Ocean and a private sundeck with direct access to the sparkling blue waters. The 7 beautiful ocean pool villas located over the water provide the best way to experience Kandolhu Island with undisturbed views of the ocean from their decadent swimming pool and private sundeck.
Kandolhu is located minutes away from some of the Maldives’ best diving sites and Kandolhu Island’s kaleidoscopic house reef is the perfect spot for snorkelling and scuba diving on your honeymoon. A wide range of water sports can be had, from sailing, windsurfing to glass-bottomed boats and kayaking. The Kandolhu Spa offers a complete wellness experience with a menu of European and Asian massages, therapies and treatments from the highly skilled team of therapists. Though Kandolhu is an intimate island there is still plenty to see and so to keep you occupied if that is what you want during your honeymoon.
The Market offers international and local specialities to suit all tastes, with Olive offering Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. For a bit more privacy on your Kandolhu honeymoon, there are options of villa or beach dining for the upmost romantic and private dining experience. Neil was really helpful in booking our hotel, he replied to all emails and calls in a prompt manner and was friendly but informative. Not sure where you want to go or what to do on your honeymoon, or undecided which destination to combine with another?
Maldives Honeymoons in the Maldives conjure up images of white sands, swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters, creating that quintessential picture-perfect holiday bliss.

Bali Multi-Centre Honeymoon Let lush green hills, turquoise seas and sugar-white sands be the backdrop for your multi-centre honeymoon.
Mexico Chichen Itza is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the beginning of your enlightening tour of Mexico.
DUBAI Escape to the middle east and soak up all the spectacular sights of Dubai, where you’ll find unforgettable architecture and luxury hospitality. Every dream interpretation is different but the meanings are basically from the same grounding.
Dreams often contain significant information for us, putting light on what has happened in our lives, or what is happening and providing insights about our future.
Artists and writers are more interested in the inspirational aspects of dreaming and how they can carry the images, novelties and creative dreaming process over into their own waking processes and creations. Spiritual and tribal people are often aware of a different meaning of a dream, the dream as a message. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Spell out the phrase, sweet dreams baby, and then add the included stars, clouds, and moon to accent the design. This exquisite island, situated in the north Ari Atoll of the Maldives, measures just 200m by 150m ensuring a dream honeymoon hideaway. All villas benefit from direct access to the pristine beach and magnificent views of the surrounding turquoise Indian Ocean waters. The expansive walk-in wardrobe gives you access to the large open-air bathroom with a freestanding bath, shower, twin vanity and an outdoor shower.
Enjoy a large wardrobe, a garden bathroom, and front veranda with pool and sun loungers, not forgetting the most beautiful and uninterrupted views of the Maldives.
The trained experts are on hand to show you all the best diving sites with the dive school offering PADI certified courses.

The range of dining options does not disappoint also with four a la carte restaurants and a bar. The Kandolhu Sea Grill restaurant offers a great place to enjoy the picture-perfect view whilst enjoying the sizzling seafood and meat varieties. Some of us dream regularly (everytime we go to sleep), while others may dream very infrequently. A psychologist may want to know how the dream works to show a person a better way to live and experience life, while an anthropologist may be more interested in how the dream impacts the way people in a tribe alter or confirm the way they live and interact with one another. The message may be from an ancestor, a spirit or god, or even from one's own soul or unconscious.
When we ask "What do you mean, when you ask if a dream has meaning?", several options unfold that make this question difficult to answer. A spacious open-air bathroom includes a Jacuzzi bathtub, shower and twin vanity, with a second shower located in the garden.
To the front of the villa is a 9 square meter pool where you can overlook the beautiful Indian Ocean in pure privacy.
For something more exotic Banzai is a great spot to discover the delights of Japanese cuisine. We can say through survey research that when we look at dreams as-if they are messages, that this is often a more satisfying way of; approaching dreams than as-if they are without a message. As dreams are subject to a wide variety of interpretation, there is a belief that dreams can be prophetic and tell the future. But new, non-representational dreamwork that works with dreams as a process of production, and creative expression, and presentation instead of a message are also valuable ways to work with dreams.

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