B14 news, reviews and local events in B14 areas including Kings Heath, Brandwood, Yardley Wood, and communities in B14.
In 2011 it all started, we began running a few community classes and deliveringA workshops in schools.
Latest NewsThis Weeks Top Picks: 15th-17th April 2016 April 15, 2016Phew, ita€™s been a long week, hasn’t it?!
We’ll be meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, starting on Tuesday 26th April, at the Kings Heath Community Centre at 6pm. Before we knew it, we had a term time kids club on ourA hands and started producing three shows a year.

But, we’ve made it to the weekend and luckily, wea€™ve got plenty to look forward to in Kings Heath! April 14, 2016Calling all green-fingered folk in Kings Heath…join us throughout the summer months to do some community gardening! The dream began six years agoA when Joe, an aerial acrobat and equilibristic artist met Zaq, the Assistant DirectorA of a national educational circus school in the USA. The hall-way a€?officea€™ startedA to pile up with paper and Joea€™s mums garage started bursting at the seamsA with circus equipment. InA order for us to create a hub for circus we need to tart the building up to make itA suitable for use.

Sometimes when it's your first game you want to impose yourself too much and give too many silly bookings. What better place than Joea€™s hometown of Birmingham, right in the areaA where he grew up, Kings Heath! We want to create a circus hub for adults and children of allA backgrounds and we need your help.

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