Curious what Santa Claus, his nine flying reindeer and the Elves do the other 364 days of the year?
Since we have talked about the successful method to rip The Secret World of Arrietty DVD, now we would like to go on this topic and teach Hayao Miyazaki fans on how to successfully copy and burn The Secret World of Arrietty DVD to make a copy of DVD on Mac.
Step 1: Download Magic Mac DVD Copier (Win users need to download the win version)and then install it. Step 4: If you want to burn The The Secret World of Arrietty DVD on a DVD disc, you can click "Burn DVD" button, and you also need to choose the mode Full Disc or Main Movie mode and then directly start to rip and burn the The Secret World of Arrietty DVD to another DVD with only one DVD Drive.

In this non-stop adventure, Santa and his team are on search for the perfect toys for all the boys and girls on his Nice list.
In this article, you will get the details guide to copy The Secret World of Arrietty DVD on Mac hard drive and burn it onto another disc to make DVD copy of this film on Mac platform. There, they discover the evil Gruzzlebeard has cast a spell on all the toys, making them come to life. With Christmas rapidly approaching, Santa and the Elves must undo this evil spell before it’s too late!

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