La Verne Online - La Verne, CA News, Local, Features, Sports, Real Estate, Coupons, Business, Entertainment, and More! Actually, Natalie Marston purchased the ticket in February and won the money last Saturday by correctly predicting 11 times in a row whether the next randomly selected number would be higher or lower than the previous number. Obviously as Snow White, the Rancho Cucamonga actress had spent plenty of time at the wishing well. Marston said she was down to just $20 in her checking account when she spent $1 to buy the scratcher. While Marston will no longer have to whistle while she works, the new Dough White will continue seeking acting jobs. Then there are people like Marston with the Cinderella touch who need only a dollar to make their dreams come true.

How else can you explain a 22-year-old actress who played Snow White at Disneyland walking into Fairplex Liquor in La Verne (next to El Merendero Mexican Restaurant) and walking out $5.2 million richer, courtesy of the California Lottery’s “Make Me a Millionaire” game show, on which contestants get to appear by winning a scratch-off ticket.
For her $1, she will take home an annual $195,000 after taxes for 20 years, for a total of $3.9 million, lottery officials said.
She is also planning a September 2010 wedding at a more exotic location than she had previously planned.
Were it not for Fairplex Liquors in La Verne, chances are Marston might not have won her millions.
It is the first liquor store in the city of La Verne after overcoming some early church objections.
Unfortunately, a scratcher winner doesn’t net the liquor store any kind of bonus for selling the winning ticket.

So close to Fairplex and the drag strip, it’s been offering liquid refreshment (Jack Daniels is a big seller) for race car and fair enthusiasts for over half a century.
The current $325 million up for grabs in the MEGA Millions is also adding some pop to sales.

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