The two-day course covers how to build enterprise data structures and configure settings to support an enterprise implementation. This new training class will teach you the fundamentals of Earned Value Management (EVM) requirements and help you understand how to deliver EVM based on specifications or expectations in place on your project.
The materials encompass both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis as well as cost and scheduling concepts which are vital to a proper risk analysis. This Estimating 101 two-day course features hands-on exercises and content to meet the requirements of today’s estimators. This popular advanced two day class will cover the latest enhanced features of HD Estimating that help you save time and work more effectively. You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. We've shown companies how to lower defects rates by 25% and have a 100% pass rate on the PMP exam.
Earned Value Management (EVM): A methodology that combines scope, schedule, and resource measurements to assess project performance and progress. Actual Cost (AC): The realized cost incurred for the work performed on an activity during a specific time period. Earned Value (EV): The measure of work performed expressed in terms of the budget authorized for that work.
Planned Value (PV): The planned amount of money to be spent or the amount of progress expected to date on the project. I have heard from many of my students, earned value management is the toughest subject in the project management curriculum. Without a doubt, earned value is a tough subject to understand because of the myriad equations one must memorize for the exam.
In this series of articles, we use the new terms because they have become the industry accepted terms and they are much easier to understand. Forecasting: new estimates for project variables based on current performance and what performance level we need to achieve to bring it back to original plans. Interestingly, when we speak with people about home projects, we find they calculate these values in their heads without knowing the formulas or EVM concepts.
BAC represents the Budget At Completion or simply the original budget determined during the planning sessions of the project.
At the 50% mark, we expect half of the budget to be spent ($5,000) and half of the work to be completed. Planned Value (PV) is the amount of work we expect to finish at a given time within our schedule and the expected amount of money spent from the budget.
Actual Costs (AC) are easy to figure because we add up the receipts for the materials, supplies, labor costs, etc.
Using our simple home remodeling project, by graphing our progress (EV), planned schedule (PV) and dollars spent (AC), we see we need to adjust something. In this article, we set a conceptual basis for understanding the current state of our project using the terminology of Earned Value Management without listing the mathematical formulas yet.
Understanding the conceptual model aids understanding the formulas once they are introduced.
Additionally, through the EVMP® program, knowledge is advanced in the areas of the implementation of industry's ANSI-EIA-748-C Earned Value management industry guidelines, EVM best practices, applied EVM and earned value best approaches.
Submit application for the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification exam prep course, along with resume, and upon approval, register to take our 5 Day EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification exam prep course. On Day 5 day of the intensive EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® exam prep course, a 4 hour exam is given with 200 questions. PART B: Additionally, you must complete a Project Using Applied Earned Value Management (EVM) and turn in all exercises and case studies by their DUE DATE. To earn the Earned Value Management Professional® EVMP® credential certification you must score an 80% passing grade in all six sections of the EVMP® credential certification given for PART A; and attain a score of 80%on all the exercises and case studies given for the Project Using Applied Earned Value Management for PART B.
Your EVMP®credential certification results will be mailed to you in seven days to fourteen days. Sixty (60) PDUs are required to maintain your EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification over a period of three years. 60 (sixty) Professional Development Units (PDUs) is awarded for the successful completion of the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification program.
PART A:36 PDUs are awarded and covers completion of 36 hours of in-class training with a live instructor and on Day 5 completion of a 4 hour 200 question EVMP® credential certification exam.
PART B: 24 PDUs are awarded and covers completion of a Project Using Applied Earned Value Management (EVM) and turning in all exercises and case studies by their DUE DATE.
Each successful EVMP® will receive their customized "My EVMP® Portfolio™" from EVMI® which will be used to manage their EVM and project management efforts on their projects.
All EVMP® participants will receive one copy of "My EVMP® Resume Template™ (MERT™)" that will be used to update their current resumes and also reflect all the new EVMP® skills and competencies that have been gained and attained through completion of the 5 day EVMI® EVMP® credential certification program.
All EVMP® participants leverage the EVMATOM® Earned Value Management Accountability Transparency and Oversight Matrix® throughout the 5 Day EVMP® credential certification program.
EVMATOM® Earned Value Management Accountability Transparency and Oversight Matrix® is applied and used across the EVMP® credential certification program modules.
EVMATOM® Earned Value Management Accountability Transparency and Oversight Matrix® is a registered trademark owned by Mr. Our learning experience and environment fosters confidence, builds a foundation of trust and empowers participants to use independent insights, problem solving and leadership skills to develop strategies and approaches in addressing issues and problems that are presented in case studies.
The EVMi® EVMP® credential certification program learning model is based on an interactive classroom format in which EVMP® participants learn as much from each other each day as they do from EVMi® faculty. Some of our distinguished EVMP®s share their EVMP® experience and discuss the benefits of their EVMP® credentials to their organizations. Ms Suzanne Magee, the first female CEO in the world to be EVMP® certified described her EVMP® experience as, "Taking the EVMP® training as a management team provided value from day one.
As Chief Technology Officer of TechGuard Security®, and the first CTO in the world to be EVMP® certified, Mr.
As EVM Lead for US Government Project Management Office (PMO) on IT Development Program, Mr Guzek describes the benefits of his EVMP® credential certification and training as "The EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® certification program is about leadership and problem solving based on Earned Value Management (EVM). EVMATOM® Earned Value Management Accountability Transparency and Oversight Matrix® is a trademark registered and owned by Mr. Ms Holly Beckstrom, Information Technology Specialist at the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at the United States Department of Agriculture described her EVMP® experience as, "Currently, I write, review, and update federal division, information technology (IT) policy and procedures.

As Vice President, Federal Programs at Techguard Security®, and The First Female Vice President of an Information Technology Cyber Security firm In The World To Be EVMP® Certified, Ms. With this course (EVMP®), presented by EVMI® Earned Value Management Institute®, a thorough understanding of Earned Value Analysis & Project Controls are taught as motivating and empowering.
As a Program Analyst assigned to a Federal Civilian Agency in Washington DC, my primary duties are centered on the development of IT Program Management policies, standards and governance through the conduct of Program Management (Focused) Reviews, Milestone Reviews, Operational Analysis, and monitoring compliance with cost, schedule, and performance goals (EVM) for major IT initiatives. A focus of the class will be to use live project schedules or cost estimates to validate the information on client schedules.
The course includes a mixture of classroom-based presentations with at least 70% hands-on time and practice exercises.
Course tuition cancellations not made within 10 business days of the scheduled course are not refundable.
I fully identify with them since I had the same notion when I was studying for my PMP® certification. When I first started memorizing the equations, we still used the arcane terms of Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP), Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS) and Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP). Before we get into the hard core understanding of Earned Value Management, let’s set a bit of context around the topic.
Earned Value Management (EVM) helps us understand if we are getting value for the money and time spent on the project.
If at the halfway mark, we don’t feel half of the work is done, we intuitively know we are behind schedule.
As we’ve stated, we have spent half (50%) of the planned time on the project, therefore, we should have spent half of the money and have half of the work accomplished.
At the 50% mark, we’d expect half of the work to be completed and half of the money spent. Of course, our example uses a much simpler example than most projects we manage professionally and additionally, we are the project sponsor, project manager and key decision-maker all rolled into one. Formally trained and field hardened, our consultants provide the very best in training and consulting. The EVMP® credential covers modules on roles and functions of the Control Account Manager (CAM) and developing the Control Account Manager (CAM) notebook. The EVMP® credential program provides skills and develops technical competencies in all areas required to implement efficient and effective Earned Value Management (EVM), risk management, quality management, cost estimating, project controls and scheduling; project oversight, project transparency, project accountability and responsible project management implementation and execution on projects across industry and government.
The required 60 PDUs starts from the date of your Earned Value Management Professional® award to the expiration date on your credential.
These exercises are best practices that will be used on actual projects and at the project organization and Project Management Office (PMO) after completion of the 5 day EVMP® credential certification class, and these best practices will go into the various sections of the "My EVMP® Portfolio™ (MEP™)". EVMATOM™ Earned Value Management Accountability Transparency and Oversight Matrix™ is used by EVMP®s Earned Value Management Professional®s to effectively manage projects and programs around the globe; and deliver them on schedule and within budget. The 'EVMI® Project Case Study Method™' requires in-depth analysis and effective responses to critical problem solving on Earned Value Management and Project Management strategies that have gone awry and catapulted into disaster on projects under study and examination.
Our small group sizes allows participants opportunities to test their proposed solutions; take risks and develop their decision making effectiveness.
As a result, EVMi® has meticulously assembled the EVMP® program class to reflect a broad, diverse and stimulating mix of backgrounds, cultures, career interests, functional expertise and business responsibilities. Suzanne Magee was invited to be present and attended the unveiling of the Obama Administration's 60 Day cyber security review at the White House in Washington, DC on Friday, May 29, 2009.
As the program progressed, we began using a common lexicon to describe our programs, projects and quality initiatives. Ngochuong Luu, EVMP® manages very large and complex dollar value contracts from inception through closeout in Peoplesoft; and performs contract monitoring and management that ensures that contracts are operating within approved budgets. Ngochuong Luu, EVMP® described her EVMP® experience as, "I think the EVMP® credential program is great. Yu-Ting Tina Chao, EVMP® described her EVMP® experience as, "The EVMi® training for the EVMP® certification was a very informational and engaging class because it provided me with both knowledge and tools required to manage my projects successfully using Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) best practices and industry standards. Jeremy Daniel Gonzalez, L-3 Communications Operations Project Manager describes the benefits and advantages of his EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification training as, "I have truly enjoyed the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification process. Thomas McDonald, L-3 Communications Operations Project Manager describes the advantages of his EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification training as, "The EVMP® class materials are excellent and will allow me to more effectively and efficiently manage my projects and programs" Mr.
Gerald Davis, BS, MS, MBA, EVMP® is responsible for all areas of performance, costs and schedules for the delivery and development of hardware and software associated with National Air Defense Systems.
Gerald Davis, EVMP® describes the benefits and advantages of his EVMP® credential certification and training as, "Completion of the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification training has certainly added a new level of competence to my program management capabilities. After taking the EVMI® EVMP® credential certification program, my products more effectively cross reference EVM attributes such as; budget, risk management, IT architecture, and continuous monitoring. Reynolds described his EVMP® experience, "The EVMP® certification program, with absolute certainty gave me valuable knowledge and confidence as a leader and practitioner of EVM that I can to do all these things better.
Thomas Rosenbaugh described his EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification experience as, “The EVMP® credential certification training that I received from EVMI® far exceeded my expectations that I had. Ronald Matthews, EVMP® manages all Materials, Procurement, Production, Manufacturing, Engineering and Test Departments at CALCULEX®. Ronald Matthews, EVMP® described his EVMP® experience as, "EVMi® provides the connection between theory and practice that all managers and companies need for the delivery of products, services and projects on time and within budget." "The visibility provided to projects run rates, schedule performance, projected cost and projected delivery is invaluable to success. Ms Carla Stone described her EVMP® experience as, "EVMI® gave me the tools and understanding that I need to serve my clients (both internal and external) at a level that they deserve and should demand in today's economy". Chavez, Standford Certified Project Manager and AMDP Project Risk and Control Manager at DynCorp International described his EVMP® credential certification experience as, "This course exceeded my expectations. Ramsey described his EVMP® experience as, "The EVMP® course presented by Earned Value Management Institute offers the most valuable take away knowledge of any Professional Project Management training I have experienced! Completion of the EVMP® has taken Project Management to new levels of potential for me as leader.
Silver described her EVMP® experience as, "The EVMP® certification was the next logical choice in my career development for controlling and managing projects. Hillard and her Team have been supporting Westat in their most ambitious health related research projects (such as the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which is one of the largest and most complex surveys that collects data on our nation’s health) for almost 15 years. Hillard described her EVMP® experience as, “After successfully budgeting and estimating large systems integration, development and business process re-engineering projects for many years, I did not think I would gain much from the EVMP® class, but since many contracts are now coming out with EVM as a requirement, I felt compelled to take the class. Alicia Anderson described her EVMP® credential certification experience as, “The 5-day EVMP® credential certification training program is equivalent to the Navy Seals or United States Marine Corps Basic Training.
Slang, Earned Value Management Analyst at Scitor described her EVMP® credential certification experience as, "I felt that the homework was the most challenging aspect of the course, however, it prepared me for the EVMP® credential certification exam, and this certification will ensure [and add] quality and value to my job".

Gibbons described his EVMP® experience, "As a result of attaining the EVMP® certification from EVMI®, I was able to immediately apply direct knowledge and EVM planning considerations in my role as a key team member on an ANSI-EIA-748-B EVMS Compliance program, as well as an overarching Integrated Program Management initiative here at the Department. Minh-Nhat Ngo works as Earned Value Management (EVM) & Financial Analyst at PRAXIS providing Earned Value Management Advisory Services to the US Department of the Navy, in Washington DC.
Jenison described his EVMP® experience as, "Your EVMP® course which I just completed reinforces my experience over the years with EVM. However, training may be rescheduled to the next available class within 3 months from the original course date.
I decided to spend time developing a way of explaining this important methodology so people could understand it. Fortunately, we have replaced those confusing terms with Actual Cost (AC), Planned Value (PV) and Earned Value (EV), respectively. In other words, if we have spent $10.00 for materials, do we have $10.00 worth of project completeness?
They know when they are not completing as much work as they originally planned, they calculate how much over-budget they are at this point in the project and they can usually tell us how much more time and money they need to complete it. If we have more than half of the work completed, again, we intuitively know we are ahead of schedule. We start to do some of the work ourselves eliminating some of the labor costs, we look for paint and blinds on sale, we decide to re-use the couch we have and realize we like it after all, and still replace the carpet because we can fit it into the budget.
In our workplace though, rarely do we get to occupy all those roles, therefore, we need a more formal methodology to present our case. And finally, the fourth article ties these formulas back to the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) from whence they are derived. As an EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional®, if you do not meet the 60 PDUs requirements to maintain your EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® over the three year period, upon EVMP® expiration without all the 60 PDUs, you will be expected to re-apply and start the EVMP® application and registration process over again.
It brought us closer as a team, and has provided a commitment to providing Earned Value Management (EVM) to our internal and external customers. It has been an intense course with a lot of valuable information and I think all the time and work I have invested in this certification process is well worth it.
Other responsibilities include generating new business development in the Middle east region, and currently serves as Capture Manager for many potential contracts with values over $250 million at Northrop Grumman. I have over 30+ years in the technology industry, of which 20+ years is in the areas of project management".
I have been through many seminars and training sessions including High Profile Project Management Training with the most experienced instructors". I needed to secure the EVMP® credential in order to transition onto a larger Federal Government program. Some of the numerous participants whom I have taught hold job titles such as CEO, Vice President, Program Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Controller, Navy Commander, EVM Subject Matter Expert, Analyst, Manager, Financial Analyst and work for companies such as Northrop Grumman, TechGuard Security®, IBM, Honeywell, ATK Systems, CSC, Qinetiq NA, General Electric, L-3 Communications; AECOM, and numerous more.
In response to thousands of requests from around the globe, EVMI® is proud to feature some of our distinguished EVMP®s and showcase the many benefits that their EVMP® certification brings to their respective organizations and professional careers. Or, if we spent two weeks of effort on the project, can we show we have made two weeks of progress?
Additionally, at the halfway point, we tally our receipts from the materials purchased and the labor paid to discover we've spent 60% of our allocated money.
We can easily interpret the situation as we are not progressing the way we had planned and we are not getting a dollar of value for every dollar spent to achieve that value. And, if we were to diagram the values, as we have done, we see AC is closer to BAC than PV – another clear indication of over-spending, which means, we need to tighten our spending controls if we hope to stay within budget. The program provided me with a great guideline on how to implement EVMS [Earned Value Management System] effectively on my group projects. Ronald Matthews manages the Quality Assurance and the Documentation Management Departments at CALCULEX®.
Kwaku Akyeampong presented valuable instruction and information about the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) in a concise and no-nonsense manner. The drive and inspirational teaching from EVMI® Instruction plus the expectation of completing the EVMI® testing sets EVMP® miles higher. Silver has comprehensive experience in project controls, project management, program management and design management.
Hillard is a Senior Technology Specialist and Program Manager with more than 25 years of successful experience in designing, developing, and managing large-scale system integration and development programs.
Ngo described his EVMP® experience as, "After receiving my EVMP® certification, I learned to address any variances and program problems before they escalate into something major.
The older terms are so arcane, even the PMBOK® Guide has removed them from its dialect. While the answers to these questions seem obvious, in reality, we often find ourselves in a position where we neither have $10.00 of value or two weeks of progress.
CALCULEX®, headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico is a manufacturing leader that designs and manufactures flight recorders and systems for high performance applications, and serves a diverse client base of airframe manufacturers and end users. Unfortunately, Microsoft Project 2013 still displays the old abbreviations in the Earned Value table, but it does use the new terms and abbreviations alongside them for easy translation. Maybe rain held us up, family issues have distracted us, team members have not performed or many other reasons. Kwaku Akyeampong, EVMI® President teaches from the heart and his passion is infectious, and the classes are enjoyable and motivational! The Earned Value (EV) data was there, however, I was not able to leverage it effectively to regain control as quickly as I would have liked". While the class moves at remarkable speed and the after class time demand is high, you feel enabled, empowered and renewed upon completion. We find ourselves as project managers, managing a project which is behind schedule and over-budget.
Highly recommended for all project managers and above in any government agency, organization or company. I can not change what could have happened or the difference that could have been made if this was part of my tool sets [referring to EVMP® training and certification] in the past.
This course is the next right choice for every seasoned project management professional who wants to make project cost overruns and schedule delays a thing of the past.

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