Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In a time of educational debate and shuffling nationwide, a college dropout, businessman and paragon of technological innovation emerged as an inadvertent, but forceful, momentum for an educational revolution around the world. Steve Jobs wasn't the best student in the traditional sense, as he dropped out of college within six months of enrolling. By way of educational ideology, Jobs was a believer in equal opportunity, according to a 1995 interview with Daniel Morrow, executive director of the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program. Following the news of Jobs' death Wednesday night, thousands of tributes poured in, honoring the tech pioneer's life, career and pervasive contribution to the operations, capabilities and outlook of innumerable industries. Her 3-year-old son doesn't talk, but his ability to communicate has been revolutionized by the use of Apple's iPad, she says. The Apple computer lab at Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic school in Ontario, Canada is lit with screens of Jobs' image.
And not only never met, but perhaps have never shared footing on the same continent, Beijing teenager Silu Wang told Businessweek she was inspired by Steve Jobs, and attributes her high test scores to using him as her subject on an essay for college admission to the U.S.
Schools across the country have joined a movement that trims textbooks in schools, replacing them with the lighter, sleeker iPad.
But even as his products have seeped into the pores of industry, Jobs was one to note that technology isn't an instigator of change -- people like teachers are.
It's this very embedding of Jobs' creations into our culture and education that has students reflecting on his leadership and the message behind his life. While his followers and consumers were inspired by his experiences, life philosophy and innovative products, Jobs said in his 1995 interview with Morrow that without a number of teachers who influenced him, "I would have absolutely have ended up in jail…. If this sounds like the career move for you, working in an environment where your contribution is valued, and where you are surrounded by people who are passionate about their roles, then please apply now. Affinity Education Group does not utilise the services of recruitment agents unless by invitation.

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Learn how to become a leader in educational administration in today's educational environment.
If you are an experienced teacher, you may be wondering what it would be like to take on new responsibilities and become an educational leader in your school or district. Educational leaders are the experienced faculty members in an educational institution that direct departments, lead boards and committees, and provide accountability and leadership to the school’s other teachers. Educational leadership careers are available at all levels of educational instruction, from preschools to universities.
As an education leader you will help teachers work better individually and as part of a team, and improve the quality of education in our schools and universities.
As a department director, chair or dean, you will be responsible for the organizational and practical operations of your department or school, and you will answer to a higher-level educational administrator, such as a principal, president or superintendent. Find out about cutting-edge jobs in educational policy and high-level educational research.
Get the whole truth about education administration careers: what are the best jobs and how do you get them?
Find out about being a school librarian, the teaching professional who works with everyone in the school. Harness the best of your experience and networking to land the school administration job of your dreams.
Enhance your career in school administration with an education administration online degree. Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed.
But in the years following, the world watched as he built Apple and as he taught himself through numerous failures and subsequent successes.

The person who runs the lab told CNN iReport producer rachel8 that Jobs was the one person aside from his family and teaching career who shaped his life. Jobs' story has come a long way since his company donated Apple II computers to 10,000 schools in California in 1983.
The introduction of tablet computers are expected to cut costs for school districts long-term, and host a multitude of new ways students can interact in learning and complete assignments -- shifting the learning process from the rigid lecture to a more dynamic collaboration. People, he tells Morrow, are the ones who ignite and fuel curiosity, things that machines cannot do. With many education leaders retiring now and in the near future, there are opportunities for teachers to advance their careers in educational leadership. They are distinct from educational administrators, who hold positions such as school principal, vice-principal or superintendent; education leaders often continue in teaching positions while administering their leadership capacities.
Good education leaders understand the ins and outs of the educational world and its processes and are able to balance the needs of teachers, students and other faculty.
The marriage of technology and human momentum through learning is what has and will shape the future of education. But because these leadership roles often require extensive education, certification and experience, you need to be prepared when an opportunity arises. However, taking on pro-bono leadership responsibilities in these smaller schools can help you gain experience that will enable you to move into a recognized educational leadership role in the future.
They act as representatives of the teachers, professors or coaches in their department during school or district planning, fulfill budgeting and fund raising goals and continually review and improve programs and curricula.

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