Paradigm Shift offers leadership training and development with a primary focus to create opportunities for leaders to lead intentionally. The Paradigm Shift consultants use practical leadership & adventure-based models to help leaders develop powerful relationships, set SMART goals, create personal responsibility, and develop a defined purpose. Paradigm Shift empowers leaders to lead intentionally through powerful workshops, trainings, & keynotes. If you are looking for someone that can bring diversity in learning, skill in leading, and works with achieving your groups goals, then I recommend that you utilize the group from Paradigm Shift.

Last Monday, Professor Deborah Wagner arrived at her office door to find a professionally sculpted totem pole made out of discarded computer cases, internal parts meticulously crafted to resemble animal life, and custom pre-Columbian decals. We invite our participants to learn through dynamic keynotes, interactive workshops, online coaching, and customized training.
Four computers tall, the crowning piece consisted of a coffee machine embellished with rotating compact-disc eyes and metallic wings announcing Ms. Wagner’s door anonymously, somehow carried there and installed in secrecy between six and eight in the morning.

The identity of the artist, now known to be art major Charlie Nowak, would not be revealed for another three days.

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