In a highly competitive business environment, good communication is the engine of success. As a designer, your grasp of the art and science of social bonding is just as important as your ability to put pixels together. A close look at the problem reveals that minimal effort can turn contacts into veritable relationships.
Saying no to a job offer is okay, but that doesn’t mean you have to reject the client. Let’s say that your quote is higher than a prospective client can afford, and you have to turn down the project. A wide range of website-building services could be useful for low-budget projects, but less web-savvy clients might not know about them. Instead of wasting time reviewing projects that you’re not going to do and dwelling on lost job opportunities, communicate with these contacts.
Make contact and build relationships with other design experts and specialists so that when a project that requires it, you’ll be able to suggest competent copywriters, developers or illustrators. If email is your main communication medium, then put a suitable amount of effort into managing it.
Using an answering machine is hardly a personalized approach, but it’s better than letting clients and others guess whether their emails have reached you. Before going off the grid, write an automated reply to inform correspondents that you will contact them upon your return. Automated replies are also useful for those who are lucky enough to attract a high volume of inquiries (not counting spam, of course).
Showing your concern will distinguish you from the client’s other contractors and partners. When approaching someone for the first time by email, make sure your message gives the right impression. When you want to inform your client base about important news or remind them that you exist, you’ll probably use an HTML newsletter.
More importantly, by limiting your communication to emails, IM, online social networking and Warcraft raids, you might lose some social skills and erode your ability to consult, negotiate and talk with actual people face to face.

WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Communication or lack thereof, is the cause of much stress, heartache, loss of jobs, divorces, troubled teens, and all different sorts of  insanity, in our lives and culture today. Clearly, to communicate, it takes receipt of the communication. So when someone communicates to you, it is not a communication until it is received. At first it felt really weird to acknowledge everything I heard from the people that matter to me. Skye knows the valuable lesson that what he said, had not landed, therefore was not yet communication! Let me know your thoughts on effective communication, and  I would love to hear your wins when you give the acknowledging part a go! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
In order to facilitate effective communication, we must first understand how the process works. Successful communicators are the ones who not only excel in verbal communication but also who are efficient when it comes to putting words on paper. Work Better has developed the framework for the workshop keeping in the mind the fact that the participants who will attend this course will be the ones responsible for building and managing influential relationships, particularly where polished communication and interpersonal skills really count. When sharing interests and experiences online is so easy, people put less effort into maintaining their relationships, thus shortening the average life of an interpersonal connection. Basic practices such as attentiveness, courtesy and friendliness can make each of your connections more meaningful and valuable. It includes a user-friendly website builder, e-commerce functionality (if enabled), hosting and domain-name services and professional support, all for quite an affordable price (plus a free trial). You could even refer the client to a WordPress theme developer who you know, thus doing them two favors in a turn. If you have failed in a project, a fancy present won’t make the client ask you back again.

You might not notice that you’re gradually shifting into virtual-only mode, because your friends and clients (and everyone else for that matter) are just an email, tweet or Facebook message away. Incorporate them into your communication habits and you’ll gain empathy, appreciation and referrals from clients, peers and friends. She is a freelance writer by occupation and a mix of curiosity, aspiration and appreciation of beauty in all senses by nature. They draw out all the actions and communication strategies from a person and adopt it to make the communication more effective. The advantages may be apparent or hidden, and they lead to client loyalty, referrals and a healthy public image.
If you definitely can’t do it, perhaps you could include suggestions (based on what you know about the project) in your email declining the work. Yeah, you’ll lose a great project and a potentially regular client, but that would have happened anyway, right? A photo gallery of your college reunion on Facebook won’t feel at all like the real thing, and watching recorded talks from a design event differs vastly from the experience you would have had if you were there in person.
She’s currently running PhotoInterview, an online journal dedicated to interviews with talented photographers from all over the world. At the very least, the company will appreciate your willingness to help, and that’s good for your reputation. Don’t let a coupon expire or a cool but ill-fitting t-shirt lie in your closet unpacked and collecting dust. What we say and the outcome of it determines whether we are successful communicators or not. The client will not be able to concentrate on what he is trying to say and thus will not be in the right state of mind to do any investing.

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