55% of communication is body language and eye contact; 38% comes from the tone, pitch, volume, and speed of the voice, which means only 7% of communication comes from content, from the actual words spoken, yet many of us focus most of our time rehearsing the rhetoric we are going to deliver to our audience.
Each message we deliver gets received through a filter that exists within each person with whom we speak.
With our hands-on exercises, you gain a practical understanding of your strengths and weakness in delivering your messages clearly, concisely, and with great understanding.
Download You Already Know How to Be Great: A Simple Way to Remove Interference and Unlock Your Greatest Potential - Alan Fine, Rebecca R.
Use DISC to discover profound hidden patterns of human behavioral style, gain deeper self-awareness, maximize your personal strengths, and influence others more powerfully than ever before!

This book takes an applied approach by having students focus on developing and practicing interpersonal skills rather than learning pure management theory. I'm getting more done in less time, but where are the rich relationships, the inner peace, the balance, the confidence that I'm doing what matters most and doing it well? In turn, the direct feedback we receive goes through our own filter, which is why our interpersonal communication workshop involves mastering the fundamental skills of productive communication.
So call today at 888-331-5153 and let us enhance your greatest resource, your communication system. Mention this web site and receive 10% off of our full-day training program or half-day workshop.

By learning its lessons now, tomorrow's business professionals can have the edge in interpersonal effectiveness-one of the most important facets of a successful career.
If so, First Things First can help you understand why so often our first things aren't first.
Rather than offering you another clock, First Things First provides you with a compass, because where you're headed is more important than how fast you're going.

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