Maintaining eye contact and making verbal remarks to clarify and encourage further communication. Planned absence of verbal remarks to allow patient and nurse to think over what is being discussed and to say more. The nurse sees a suicidal clients smiling and tells another nurse the patient is in good mood. Verbal CommunicationIt is an established fact that most communication is verbal.However, it should be underscored that verbal communication skills can be lacking. THE STROKE PATIENTThe stroke patient may not be able to communicate due to expressive aphasia. THE NURSING PROCESSFrom the time a patient is admitted to the hospital, the nursing process begins. Poor Communication SkillsThe video above describes when thecommunication skills of a nurse has been lacking. COMMUNICATION SKILLS VERBAL AND NON-VERBALLike it or not, every nurse engages in communication. The importance of effective communication in nursing leadership cannot be overstated when it comes to interacting with patients, medical teams and doctors.

Brookside Associates states that according to Eleanor Lamberton, who proposed a system of nursing, the daily routines of nurses in leadership require effective communication with all staff. Effective communication doesn’t only mean sharing information and telling team members what to do. Incomplete tasks, uncertainty of duties, lack of clarification and patient misdiagnosis are all signs of communication breakdowns, according to Nadzam. Realizing the link between how well a provider communicates and patient satisfaction and outcomes, many healthcare systems are training employees in this critical skill. The American Academy on Communication and Healthcare (AACH) trains allied health professionals at large healthcare organizations to improve patient satisfaction and the overall work environment. Miscommunication causes misunderstandings, low performance, misdiagnosis and patient suffering.
Leading nurses must manage many roles such as instructing teams, developing the skills of new nurses, discussing the needs of patients, establishing goals, assigning duties and following up on directions. First, a leading nurse must be enthusiastic, confident and competent in many areas of nursing.
Patients must be approached with caring, while team members must be giving clear instructions regarding their assignments.

Therefore, nurses in leadership positions must acquire effective communication skills in order to competently supervise teams. Courses in social science, biology, nursing science and psychology, in addition to other knowledge, will give leading nurses the competence needed to communicate with effectiveness and know-how. Yet, until team members have received clear and effective instructions regarding their assignments and duties, daily operations will not go smoothly. Effective communication assures that all parties are in alignment with whatever situation emerges.
The second nurse took the trouble to explain the need for aggressive deep breathing exercises, to prevent postoperative pneumonia.Please watch the video above for more examples of verbaland non-verbal communication.
Talking down to team members, showing frustration toward patients and out talking doctors instead of listening to their instructions are all evidence of communication problems. The display of emotions as well as body language can all play a roll in effective communication.

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