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Optimise-GB provides you with a presentation on effective communication for successful working and personal relationships. Effective CommunicationAtieh Roshan Consulting has invested a great deal of time and energy to working on building effective communication and developing interpersonal skills in organisations.
Purpose  Discovery Reports are designed to help organizations and individuals increase their productivity, communications, and successful relationships within organizations as well as with customers. Many clients choose to use a focus on management or communications or sales?and then add sections during follow-up training. Your project team meetings are where you are going to get a lot of things resolved and where you will work out the way forward when things are tough. When time is tight and the pressure is on team meetings are often among the first things to suffer. Have you ever walked into a shambolic team meeting and known instantly that nothing good was going to be achieved? By the time the next meeting comes along everyone will probably have forgotten what was discussed at the last one. Email UpdatesGet the latest project management articles right in your inbox.Email Address *We will not share your email address with anyone. Have you ever been in a situation where you simply cannot get through to the person you are talking with or you get a sense that the person talking to you has not explained themselves very well?
Provided that you approach them in the right way they will become a vital part of the project.

I can remember many instances – before I was a project manager – when I was on the way to the meeting room before being told that it had been called off. If you make it too stiff, formal or intimidating then you run the risk of stifling people and not getting a lot of good comments out of them. If you rush to your team meetings without preparing anything then there is a big risk that you make a mess of it. A lot of the time you might just need to pass on information but there will be other occasions in which you need more. Having an appointed minute taker is important, although you might also like to rotate the team members on this duty. This presentation takes you through the forms of sending communication to others and receiving communication. It can be extremely tempting to save an hour or so by cancelling the meetings but it isn’t a good idea.
It is much better to let them relax and feel that they are in a safe haven where they can give their opinions without any fear.
A few templates for things like the agenda and the previous meeting’s minutes will help things go more smoothly.
For example, you might want to find out how each person is progressing with their tasks, you might need volunteers for something or you might want some fresh ideas from the team. There will also need to be a good follow up process in place for the action items which are taken. I always mark out the next few weeks’ time in advance and make this block of time as untouchable as possible.

You certainly won’t want team meetings in which you talk and everyone else just listens and nods, so you need to find as many ways as possible to get everyone actively involved. As your objectives are liable to change from one meeting to another it is essential that you think about what you want each time before you start the meeting. It is worth thinking about these issues before you get started as you can then make sure that your meetings are productive right from the very first one. If you as project leader start skipping team meetings then this sends out the wrong sort of message and pretty soon everyone in the team will be happy to avoid meetings now and then. After your first couple of meetings with the team you will be in a better position to see what is and isn’t working and to mix things about. If you can get the whole team to turn up knowing more or less what to expect than the whole process should be a lot more successful than otherwise. Your example to the team should be that these are among the most important tasks in the project and that everyone is expected to go to every one unless it is completely impossible.
You might want to take a back seat at some meetings, for example, and see whether that helps bring out people’s opinions more. Even when someone is working in a different location there are plenty of ways of setting up conference calls these days so that they don’t need to miss a thing. If the talking is restricted to just you speaking then you would be as well just sending out an email to the team with your updates on it.

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