Presentation Skil s ? Structure the content in line with the audience’s needs ? What do you want to tell the audience? Presentation Skills Preparation – Structure? Sequence should be logical & understandable ? Interim summaries- Recaps? Value of visual aids-flip charts, handouts etc. When it comes to communicating with your boss in the most effective way possible, you may only get one chance to do it right. Focus on the positive contributions you’ve made, and how they have affected the overall structure and goals of the company. Focus on being positive, unemotional and quick to respond as though you’ve been listening to every word your boss has said. No one knows how to handle a crying employee—no matter how great that employee’s job performance may be.
Focus on talking to your boss when you are calm and in control of your emotions (not when you just broke up with your spouse, or when your car just got a flat tire).
Offer up a plan of action to correct your mistake, and make your intention to patch things up so that they meet his expectations crystal-clear. You’re not just responsible—you are the reliable employee he was once so excited to bring onboard. If you want to be considered for an upcoming project (to show how valuable you really are) or to express your feelings about a particular matter, closed-ended statements are effective and can seal the deal right then and there.
Flash those pearly whites—focus on ending each statement with a clear intention and in a positive way, and act professional no matter what issue you’re addressing.
Nod to show that you’re actively listening to what your boss is saying—you can repeat part of it as necessary to show you understand what they want from you. Turn your body slightly towards their direction—this shows them you are listening and responding to what they are saying with interest. Straight posture—Sit upright with shoulders that are back (not leaned or hunched forward) and, if you’re a woman, cross your ankles. Briefly guide him through your past history with this client, and be clear about what you need help with. Whatever the discussion was about (pay raise, clarity on a discussion, etc.), follow up within 24–48 hours.

Make sure you are on the same page as your boss, and show him you love being a valuable member of his team. Whether you’re pitching a pay increase or just want to express your needs to your boss, everything matters, from your body language to the words you use to get your message across. Communication is really all anyone ever gets paid for …and if you cannot effectively communicate… you will PAY…not get paid….
If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Whether you prevail or fail,  endure or die, depends on what you do for yourself than what the world does to you. The organization that can’t communicate can’t change, and the organization that can’t change is dead. Productive work in general and professional work in particular as we know it today is being ‘reinvented’ and modified’ drastically all the time on an ongoing basis. Life of a professional can not be immune from the onslaught of changes taking place in everything that we are doing. We work in small groups of highly motivated, interesting people, addressing ever-changing, complex problems where there is a lot at stake.
Lists of the rich and famous now compared with similar lists of older times throw up a single message: triumph of the ‘human mind’ over the ‘matter’. Entry of women in business and  industry, in offices, as clients, as professionals gives a huge competitive advantage to women over men.
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At Welingkar, we are deeply inspired by these words of this great American writer and futurist. If you interesting in "Effective Communication" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template.
Here are ten powerfully persuasive ways to show him you’re the best for the job or worth that raise, or to just do damage control effectively.
Don’t just “wing it”—you want to remind your boss just how organized, capable and confident you are.

Tell your boss what part you played in a project that was beneath his expectations, and how you can improve it for the future. Tell him about the extra mile you’ll go to regain his faith in you, how you can improve next quarter’s sales record, and the goals you have lined up for next month.
Stay positive, exude confidence and prepare what you’re going to say ahead of time in order to maximize your success.
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For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file. He is also a Director on the Boards of leading companies like Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited, BOB Capital Markets Limited, Dalton Capital Advisors (India) Pvt. Fine with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. But want to remark on some general things, The site style is great, the articles is really nice : D.
Our profits come from ‘people’ (clients, client’s people, our people) and not from ‘products’.
God has created Woman but Hemant Trivedi and Ritu Beri made her Miss World and Miss Universe. It is no accident that knowledge activity through service industry is generating mega financial returns.
With an academic experience of over 25 years, he teaches Corporate Tax Planning and Financial Management and is a frequent guest speaker on CNBC, NDTV for his opinions on Budgets, etc. We do not have to be in a particular place every day at a particular time …… Our profession is a terrific way to spend time.

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