Step-by-step instructions for assessments and interventions help you quickly master key skills and techniques. The importance of understanding family, culture, client teaching, communication, and clinical decision making is emphasized throughout. This edition also features a new title that reflects its expanded coverage of womena€™s health issues.
More than 30 Nursing Care Plans with critical thinking questions help you to apply the nursing process to clinical situations and provide models for effective client and family care. Therapeutic Communication boxes illustrate actual client and family dialogues that can be used in clinical practice. Want to Know Boxes offer extensive client education guidelines for maternity and womena€™s health settings.

A new chapter on Preventive Care for Women emphasizes health promotion and health maintenance throughout the childbearing years and beyond, including the latest health screening recommendations. Written at a 7th grade reading level, in an appealing visual format, this text addresses the needs of learners of all levels. More than 100 procedures provide clear instructions for completing skills in manageable segments for easier learning. Time to Reflect boxes present realistic practice setting situations nursing assistants face that help you build critical thinking skills while applying chapter concepts.NEW! Updated nutrition, emergency and safety content offers new guidelines in diets, choking and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.NEW! Updated Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases audio glossary supplies Spanish pronunciation of common English phrases used in the healthcare setting.NEW!

Updated companion CD with over 25 animated procedures demonstrates the most common procedures in animated form with accompanying exercises and complete audio that reinforces learning with multi-modal learners.NEW! Multi-language vocabulary list helps you communicate with patients who speak a foreign language.Skills video clips on the free companion Evolve website provide visual instructions for performing key procedures.
The importance of accurate, complete, and timely documentation and effective communication skills are also delineated.

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