Jed Link  is the Manager of Communications for External Relations at the International Facility Management Association.
IFMA community The online community provides instant interaction with like-minded professionals. Talking about these effective communication techniques is one thing but putting them into practice is absolutely essential.
Choose four people you don’t normally talk to – preferably persons whom you would like to know better.
Ask how they are today and follow the question up by saying, ‘And how was your weekend?’ Listen with interest as they tell you.

Put yourself in their shoes as you listen and this will help you to engage meaningfully with them, as they share with you.
If they are comfortable enough to tell you that something painful has happened, give them a listening ear and stay with them so they can share it with you.
Whether it’s achieving our personal goals or accomplishing workplace projects we need to learn how to develop effective communication techniques with others. Ask about their goals, their families, how their work is going, how their vacation was and so on. National Debate Team where he traveled across Europe teaching and participating in exhibition debates.

He taught college level public speaking and argumentation courses at California State University, Northridge before assuming a role as Communications Director for a United States Congressman. Even though all your responses may not be perfect, others will always be drawn in by your genuine goodwill.

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