Each problem in the business world will be unique, but as an  entrepreneur, you need to know which decisions to delegate. Examining each situation thoroughly and taking a quality time out to make an effective decision is what an entrepreneur is always expected to do. One has to channelize one’s thoughts and make decisions in every walk of life, not only in business. Whenever you think through a problem your thought process naturally gets affected by biases such as your point of view and your assumptions about the situation.
That’s why when you face a problem you tend to view the problem only from your point of view. Ideally, an entrepreneur must put himself in the shoes of stakeholders and think how they will feel in response to each of the options he has taken. A business decision-making software package is another handy option available in the digital world of today.
Each entrepreneur must have a sound knowledge of business deals before actually venturing into business in full throttle.
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This is more than I need to get to the next level in my business after recovering from START UP mistake. We hear a lot about the young overnight successes because it makes for interesting news but I take a lot more inspiration from people who have plugged away small step by small step to achieve their success.
Unreasonable Lab Nigeria: In Search of 25 Unreasonable (Unusual) Entrepreneurs to Change the World! When you think of delegation and getting other people to do tasks without you watching their every move, do you only think of leadership in business?
This article is beyond business to help you empower anybody to make decisions on their own while not subjecting anyone to the pain of a control freak. The ability to create self-reliance in people is one of the most empowering skills you can develop. When we create a metaphor that is similar to a problem, we draw associations and learn something new from old information. Roots: Root decisions have the most potential to hurt an individual, group, or organization. Branches:The main difference between branch decisions have with trunk decisions is the timeliness of the decision. In decision-making terms, a leaf decision does not mean it is less important than a trunk decision.
The decision tree of leadership does not takeaway a person’s ability to impact his or her family, marriage, friends, or organization. Any teenager or employee at some time experiences a shift in self-reliance where their dependence on people change. The child of the relationship can hate being told what to do and will find an excuse to avoid the task whether through silence, avoidance, or forgetfulness. A group, namely an organization, that follows the decision tree of leadership benefits in several ways. The third strength is the personal and professional development the model builds in an individual. The sixth strength, and one of the most powerful reasons for using the decision tree of leadership, is the large amount of personal accountability created by the model.
Now you are aware of the decision tree of leadership and the power it has to transform an organization or similar group, I am going to share with you a quick step-by-step process for implementing the method. To start using the method, firstly mention a new method you learned that will improve the family, organization, or team. Establish milestones that measure progress during the task so time is not wasted furthering something unfavorable.
It can be tough to decide whether a decision is a leaf or branch, branch or trunk, trunk or root, but it does not matter. To implement the decision tree of leadership in your family, organization, or other group, here is a simple exercise to do.
Joshua Uebergang, aka "Tower of Power", teaches social skills to help shy guys build friends and influence people. Delegation is a legacy; an obligation we have to others to give them the opportunity to be stretched and challenged. In any arena of life, when we know there are choices to make around who does what, we owe it to others to support and encourage them to take to the floor.
First, I must admit to being severely prejudiced in favor of simplicity as opposed to complexity. I disagree when you say,“It can be tough to decide whether a decision is a leaf or branch, branch or trunk, trunk or root decision, but it does not really matter.
We’re in agreement on the idea that the definitions must be mutually acceptable, but I believe that they need to be clearly defined at the start.
I strongly believe that growth comes from making mistakes on one’s own, without input from any source. Likewise, I can think of many root decisions that need to be made almost, if not totally, unilaterally. The level of authority that goes with delegation is a function of the strengths and experience of the individual.
Using your teenager example, the level of independent decision making should be based on the maturity and responsibility of the teen in question, rather than age, sex, or the specific situation. There could be 5, 8, 10+ categories if everything like a person’s maturity and responsibilty was incorporated.
A lot of communication and managerial theories get people into trouble because they live-by them as they try to fit the world to their book-view of the world instead of using the model as a guiding reference. How to Be a People MagnetJoin 16,107 people for free tips and secrets to make friends and improve your relationships by entering your name and email in the form below.
6 Comments An entrepreneur’s decisions affect the success of his products, the loyalty of his employees and the overall success of his business.
You have to avoid flaws in the process which may harm the business when confronted with an important decision.

You should have informed opinions on every minute about things related to their business that demands extra time and focus needed from them. Entrepreneurs also need to go beyond the basic skills of collecting information and take wise decisions for the benefit of business. It will further narrow down your thinking capacity and you will not be able to come up with effective solutions. With each critical decision you take as an entrepreneur, you will begin to learn more new things about your business. Getting input from others is an excellent way to collect various ideas which, otherwise, would not have come to you. Implementation planning should consume as much time as the business decision-making process itself. Large quantities of data and complex calculations require complex decisions too in business. Every step in business must be taken after a thorough investigation of the methods, consequences and long-term advantages and disadvantages. I am also providing aid to students on career possibilities and other academic success related topics.
However, careful planning goes into taking calculated risks that will ultimately be of benefit to the business and the entrepreneur. I'm the Chief Community Leader here and this is where we raise the bar of entrepreneurship. You learn how to avoid turning yourself into a cantankerous, controlling individual while still getting things done.
Effective decision-making skills given to you in the decision tree of leadership allows you to establish responsibility in people without you controlling them. You bring out the best in people, they feel powerful, and they do not feel burdened by control.
Trunk decisions have the potential to hurt an individual, group, or organization like root decisions, though to a lesser extent.
Teens desperately want freedom from their parents while employees wish their overbearing bosses would release them from their controlling grasp.
Child-parent dependent relationships have one individual termed the “child” who complies with the other individual termed the “parent”.
Firstly, employees frequently voice their pain about not having the power to implement actions they are responsible for. Communicate the decision tree of leadership to an appropriate person in your group and they will develop self-reliance and confidence.
People higher in the hierarchy are not bothered by problems people lower in the hierarchy can solve. A lack of personal accountability causes the blame-game and the involved group to not move forward as they fail to learn from past mistakes.
Next, I will provide some real-life examples of what decisions fit into which category of the model.
They may not care what you discovered so you need to tune them into their favorite radio station, WIIFM (what’s in it for me). Once you have done that, ask the person what categories their most common decisions fall under. I will use a teenager and a parent to demonstrate the decision tree because the majority of people should relate to and understand the example. While some parents control their child’s education more so than others because of price and other variables that differ between countries, the university Sam decides must fit in with what he wants. Visit his blog and sign-up free to get communication techniques, relationship-boosting strategies, and life-building tips by email, along with blog updates, and more! Let me say right off that I’m not disagreeing with the need to delegate or with the idea that people dislike being controlled or micro managed professionally or personally.
Although I understand what you are getting at, I found the tree metaphor complicated and the explanations of root, trunk, branch and leaf decisions overly similar and confusing.
Because it is a model or a concept, it’s not something to live by and not something that needs to be defined to precision. Categorizing levels where participation in decision making is crucial will really empower a person. An entrepreneur’s purpose should be to grow the business and expand the territory into new market. An entrepreneur needs to be sure of his goals and then make his team also aware of what exactly they need to do for the growth of business.
Instead, if you look at the problem from others’ point of view you may get more alternative ideas to solve the problem. It is applicable to all human beings, more so for entrepreneurs because a small lapse of an entrepreneur may turn out to be a huge loss for the entire business at times. These software packages help entrepreneurs to organize data, plot graphs, and other analytical tools in a user-friendly manner. Besides, I enjoy writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology, motivation and traveling. This is a really helpful and timely reminder Philips especially when I’m focusing on goals and targets for the coming year.
It is responsibility of entrepreneur to make every step in business , after a thorough investigation of the methods, consequences and long-term advantages and disadvantages. We are a TRIBE of Unusual Entrepreneurs, we are not your every day entrepreneurs who go into business to put food on the table and pay bills. Your ability to delegate is a powerful skill to learn to help with raising children, working with service staff like cleaners, and everyday decision-making.
Whenever you transfer responsibility and other duties under safe circumstances that lead to feelings of importance in people, you increase your personal magnetism and make people like you.
To overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed, Maxwell Maltz provides a powerful metaphor and visualization of an hourglass. For the purpose of this metaphor, we categorize a tree into four parts: 1) roots, 2) trunk, 3) branches, and 4) leafs. Once an outcome is determined to be the best, the person responsible makes the root decision.

A trunk decision can take into account other people’s input, but the ultimate decision is made by the person in charge. The person making the decision can take action immediately without other people’s suggestions. A leaf decision is the outer-most and highest level of decision-making a person can achieve.
A male teen wants to become his own person, but you and I know that giving someone pure independence is not a safe choice. Child-parent dependency can be helped through the establishment of self-reliance with the decision tree of leadership. If you lack expectations and clarity, you are more likely to blame someone else for a problematic result upon making a decision.
A primary reason we make decisions for others is our lack of faith in the person’s decision-making skills. Lastly, I will finish the article with an exercise to help you use the method as I want to help you go from intellectualizing the information to behavioral change and results.
Describe specifically how they can develop more freedom, independence, and personal power if they give the method a shot. As you read the examples, the decisions made by one family or an organization will be differently categorized to others.
If you give people a part of the task, communicate your whole vision so they can envision their role in it.
Once he has made the decision, it would be helpful for his family and parents to know his decision as soon as possible, though he is not required to tell them immediately. One possible affect is them being stuck at home with no means of transport to get somewhere important.
The decision tree of leadership empowers people to make decisions they would like to make or once could not make. A child who’s responsibility is to look after a bike, can be put into various parts of the tree.
Therefore, the purpose should be to choose the business traits which will have the maximum growth rate.
No matter how much sand is in the timer, the sand only pours through the funnel grain by grain. What this means for you in layman’s terms is your knowledge about a tree has the potential to help you better empower people, free up your time, and get them to like you!
Each person is kept up-to-date with the results of the decision because the outcome affects all. A teen deciding to get a job is a trunk decision, not a branch decision, because the teen is the one who acts on the decision while his or her parents are influenced by the decision.
The decision tree of leadership creates freedom and empowers people to become responsible and influential. When an important decision needs to be made by the child, the person consults the parent on the problem or shifts all responsibility back to the parent.
If you want employees or members of a group to enjoy what they do and feel pride, ownership, and responsibility, empower them with the decision tree of leadership. When expectations are clear that empower an individual, the individual knows what is expected of him or her and works to achieve those expectations. Sam can ask for other’s opinions as to what they think about the issue, but the decision is for Sam to make. Whether Sam does or avoids the chores, his final decision affects his family to a minor extent. Safety is also an issue because Sam’s parents would be concerned for his whereabouts. Once you write your common decisions in the categories, you will see what areas you, or other people, are independent in and how your many decisions affects other group members. Follow the decision tree of leadership to nurture growing relationships free from thorns of controlling people. If the child is mature, then maybe the parents can say it’s up to the child to look after her bike and that they will not buy her a new bike.
So, seeing things from the right perspective is very much essential for your business success. It is our means of doing what we love [passion], changing the world [purpose] and being financially rewarded for it [profit]™. A parent can be in charge, but a trunk decision for the teen in deciding to find a job is made by their teenager.
Unlike other parts of the tree that require the input of others, leaf decisions are pure independence.
The decision tree of leadership provides you with a lovely conceptual understanding of empowering another person so you grant a person their desired level of independence – while at the same time, you avoid being seen as a grumpy controlling onlooker. When we make a choice on our own, instead of being forced into a choice, we stand by it stronger and longer.
For example, Sam may need his mother’s permission for her to drive him to the local sports field. Your family should not suffer because you made a leaf decision that is actually a root decision, like buying your next house, on behalf of your family. The decision tree of leadership teaches people to swim in shallow water before venturing into the deep end. Once they get out to the deep end, they know no one is holding their hand making it all the more satisfying. If the roots or trunk of the tree sustain serious injury, the livelihood of the tree is jeopardized.

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