TweetAs a leader, you already know how to identify each of your team member’s strongest skills and assets. It’s possible to teach someone to be a leader, but truly effective leaders are already passionate about what they do. Leaders are often called on to make big decisions, so it’s also important for you to be decisive. It can be tough to retain a strong sense of yourself and the way you appear to others, but focus on being self-aware.
All people in positions of authority might be able to call themselves leaders, but effective leaders are those individuals who seek to emulate these ten essential traits.
Please share any additional ideas you have for effective leadership traits in the comments below.
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Have a site or resource to add?Do you know of a reputable Leadership and Influence site or resource that you think we should add? Mindful Awareness practices and trainings have spread widely with great implications for effective leadership. Working with hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, executives and others who lead in some way, I have noticed those four qualities in only a handful of leaders. My team could have easily replaced this great candidate with somebody else to fix the issue immediately, but replacing her with someone else would cost the company more time and money to train someone new. As the business world becomes increasingly global and flat, it’s important for leaders to work effectively in cross-cultural environments by becoming culturally aware, knowledgeable, and open-minded about how to effectively lead and inspire people across cultures.
The first thing to remember is to become completely aware and mindful about cultural differences. By being culturally sensitive to the fact that your foreign co-workers moved far away from their homes to work in your country and for your company, it may help you become more understanding and patient in dealing with them.
Similarly in the working world, an American leader may be flabbergasted that an Asian employee did not negotiate. And an easy-going Australian sales director who likes to joke around and tell long stories may be taken aback by how blunt and all about business their German clients are. A culturally knowledgeable leader understands that people from different parts of the world and even parts of the country possess unique characteristics and traits. It’s important to remember that leadership is not only about opening doors and growing others. I was thrust into cross-cultural leadership about 8 years ago when I became interim-director of a Bible institute in Ukraine immediately after moving around the world to Ukraine.
Another was taking as much time as possible to observe working relationships before suggesting change.
I have found disagreement is often not the reason root of why cultures clash, rather lack of compassion for the way the opposite party feels. Subscribe to Blog via EmailEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

It’s important to eliminate distractions from the work area and to hone in on the key issues at hand. Your enthusiasm and level of commitment can inspire your team members and motivate them to do better work.
When team members aren’t meeting expectations, a leader must feel comfortable being assertive. If you want other people to believe in your capability as a leader, you must first believe in yourself.
Consider your strengths and weaknesses as objectively as possible and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on your performance. Be upfront with your team members and trust them enough to communicate openly and authentically together. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your leadership style, choose a few key traits to focus on initially and watch as your impact shifts with time. So many leadership models talk about "what to do" and "how to achieve" goals or "how to influence" people to follow them. Connectivity - Understanding of the interconnectedness that exists within all aspects of life. Accountability - This is the technology of accounting for thoughts, feelings, perceptions, choices and where they lead. During a series of one-on-one meetings, I coached the candidate to speak clearly and slowly. What if the roles were completely reversed, and you were in the other person’s shoes – living in a new country and working with foreigners?
Before he became a Quarterback in the NCAA League, many Division I coaches doubted Mariota’s leadership skills because he was not outspoken and aggressive. However, he may not realize that speaking up assertively and asking for more money is considered disobedient and disrespectful to authority in Asian culture.
A leader who embraces those differences and brings out the best in people regardless of their cultural backgrounds will know how to effectively lead and inspire others their organization.
Unfortunately we see leaders and managers who hire “Mini Me’s” and prefer to stay in the comfort zone working with people similar to themselves. Who was a leader that brought out the best in people working in cross-cultural environments? Looking back on that time now, I can see a lot of mistakes I made because I didn’t correctly understand the culture. While leaders are often pulled in numerous directions simultaneously, they must be able to retain clear minds and focus on the things that matter. Modeling the attitude you want each person to have is one of the most effective ways to lead your team toward a successful destination. A decisive leader carefully weighs the potential effects of each option and chooses the opportunity that works best for his or her team. Give people the authority they need to do their jobs well and show them an appropriate level of respect.

A lack of communication promotes the spread of false information and resentment among your team members. Strive to understand where other people are coming from and keep a healthy, grounded perspective on your own achievements. It’s important to build a level of mutual trust within your team so that each person feels comfortable addressing his or her concerns with you. Your team will achieve new levels of success as your leadership style evolves and becomes more well-defined. The only question that comes to my mind are these truly traits (hence you either have them or you don’t) or can they be learned? Each site or resource that we add is first reviewed by our team to ensure it's credibility and validity.
Every year billions of dollars are wasted on projects that go into halt because they are the wrong solution to the wrong problem or because there is insufficient assessment of needs and elements that make the project successful.
I also coached the client to be culturally sensitive and aware about the communication differences. Now throw being thousands of miles away from family, friends, and your comfort zone into the mix. Instead, he carried himself humbly as an unassuming leader who credited others for his success, which happen to be leadership traits respected in Hawaiian culture.
People noticed that and they respected me for it and I believe it made them more willing to work with me. You have to take much much more time to observe before making changes than you would in your own culture. Such a level of certainty and confidence will serve both you and your team well as you tackle larger challenges and go after new goals.
To be decisive, you must also feel comfortable taking responsibility for the results of your choice.
As a leadership coach and trainer I can say from experience that passion and honesty, I don’t think they can be taught hence they likely are traits as the article presents. She is passionate about leadership development and building capacity in cross-cultural organizations. She leads strategy, program management, and training for SolarCity’s national recruiting programs team. The candidate turned out to be a long-term employee – someone who became a key contributing team member of the tech company.
Some call it "Karma", others call it, "What goes around comes around." Basically, we won't escape the outcome of our choices.
The technology in Accountability in this model is the ability to account for cause and effect of all actions while still in the thought stage.

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