The power of Listening is recognizing that effective communication requires great listening skills.
Unless you are a hermit and have no communication with the world, developing effective listening skills is a necessity for everyone.  Are you part of a team? It’s time to decide, are you ready to take a journey to create better communication in your life?  Developing any skill is not an overnight miracle. The fabulous thing about listening is that the time required already fits into your scheduled day. You have now made the choice, you know why you want to improve, and you know where you are at and where you want to go.
Take a look again at your current level of listening and ask yourself: Do you hear what is being said?  Do you understand the words being used?
The largest step is consciously making the choice every day to be aware of your level of listening.
Developing effective listening skills can be one of your best assets in life if you choose to make it a part of your every day. Know yourself & others with incredible accuracy using the newest and most valid DiSC tool. Fast track your growth & development with coaching programs from Soaring Eagle Enterprises. Although I differentiate the attraction need and the security need, but that doesn't mean when the security is important the need for attraction becomes not important at all.
RIO YEERio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.
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The 5 Keys to Success In Life (You Don't Need More Than These) Aug 26, 15 10:16 AMWhat are the keys to success in life? Entrepreneur, passionate about dating & relationships, blogger, student, coffee fanatic, food advocate, thinker, falls down a lot. Maybe you have had some unpleasant feedback in your life that caused a light bulb to blink in your head and tell you it is time to take action.
Be aware of all your interactions throughout the day beginning with your significant other first thing in the morning, continuing with all your team members or clients throughout the day and ending with your kids or even your pets in the evening.
Be aware of what is distracting you from a conversation and simply choose to remove it or move the conversation if the interference cannot be removed.
From the article ‘The Power of Listening’ we all know that when we start judging we stop listening. Nothing losses respect like interrupting someone trying to get their message relayed to you – especially when you interrupt to impose your own solution. When you offer feedback (again, after you have listened to understand) the speaker believes you care about what was being said.  Ask questions to clarify and ensure you do understand as well.
When you do this you are providing acknowledgement that you are listening and are legitimately interested in the dialog.
You need to ask yourself one question, this one question will give you the answer to taking it to the next level.
I made this blog to talk about study habits, research strategies and anything else that helps students and life-long learners become more successful in class, and in life. Something has steered you to read this article and maybe, just maybe, this listening stuff is for you. All you have to do is understand a few key factors and then just choose to make a change in your ever day behaviors and interactions. First step is to pay attention to where you are at currently with each person you interact with.  Be honest with yourself and ask for feedback if you are not clear. Make a choice to be open to the speaker and whatever the results of the communication may be. After you fully understand what is being communicated there is an effective way to share your solution in a non-threatening format.

Do you respond in a productive way? What are your strengths when it comes to being a good listener? Continue to make those same choices tomorrow and every day after to become a good listener.  Just as with any skill, if you stop using it, you will lose it. Men need to feel safe and secure too, but the priority doesn't high like how women prioritize.My girlfriend and my mother let me know how important it is to them. Write your reason down and then share it with someone close (this is an important step to any goal – share it!). Every year the whole family will go travel together one or two times to leave some memories that belong to the family.
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No matter your role in life, choosing to listen effectively will serve you and those around you well. And the third need is the security need, the mental attraction.In the article how to attract women I said the third need mental attraction has to be on firstly because it's the foundation.
Although according to the relationship stages theory its importance is less in the beginning.These needs have to satisfy in this sequence.
That's why they prefer a bad guy, who is mysterious, attractive, strong, bold and other positive traits. See how to be irresistible to womenWhen comes to the middle age their need for status becoming less, but the need for connection becomes more.
Most women choose to be with a guy she doesn't love just because they are not young anymore and they think they need connection more than attraction.When they are old, what they more concern is not attraction and connection anymore.

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