GVK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute)  is a pioneer in Emergency Management Services in India.
Post Graduate in Management with 3 to 10 years of experience in sales or field operations . Imagine landing on just one solution that catapults you to the life youa€™ve always wanted, one thata€™s abundantly rich and rewarding.

As a not - for - profit professional organization operating in the Public Private Partnership  (PPP) mode, GVK EMRI is the Largest professional Emergency Service Provider in India today. After working with his real-life mentors, Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant, Bob established his own seminar company.
Every person carries this key, but few know how to plumb their minda€™s depths to excavate a more rewarding life for themselves.

He now travels the globe teaching people how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own mind.

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