Petrofac instructors work with students in a simulated exercise in a major emergency simulation suite at the new Petrofac Houston Training Center. Petrofac’s Houston training center has relocated to a new 7,000-sq-ft facility in the Energy Corridor in west Houston, adding about 34% additional training capability. The facility has four classrooms, two simulators and approximately 20 instructors supporting the emergency response and crisis management training, enabling Petrofac to run multiple courses at one time in different simulated models. Under the notion of “reality without risk,” the simulators create a life-like environment offshore and onshore, complete with noise, lights and explosions, Mr Littler said. The emergency management course, which was developed following the Piper Alpha incident, lasts between four to five days, and the facility will run two to three courses per week with a maximum of eight people in each course. In addition to the new facility, Petrofac acquired Oilennium, an e-learning provider to the energy industry, earlier this month.
Drilling Contractor is the only viable magazine exclusively covering the global drilling and completion industry, both land and offshore. The official magazine of the International Association of Drilling Contractors, DC has been published since 1944 and is the longest continuously published magazine focusing on drilling and completion. Our experts in the field of site safety will assist you in raising your site’s level of emergency preparedness. I would like to thank you and the rest of your team for organising and contributing to what was a very successful Safety Day here at Sunstate Cement. Workplace Emergency Management have over 15 years in Emergency Management and Training, as such we pride ourselves on offering punctual, reliable & fast service to our new and existing clients. Training the occupants at your facility how to respond to an emergency, deal with the emergency and account for people - guided by the facilities' emergency procedures.
Workplace Emergency Management will work closely with the facility to establish an Emergency Control Organisation. Putting the procedures that has been trained into practice - the practical side of the training. Emergency evacuation diagrams are a requirement in all workplaces - they are used to make people aware of where they are and how they may need to relocate in the case of an emergency. An Emergency Plan is a written document to give the occupants of a facility guidelines to respond to an emergency. Emergency management combines the administrative requirements of the above four services into one service to organise, administrate and document your workplace emergency management to prepare you to be competent and compliant - leaving you to operate your own business or carry out your duties.
An emergency compliance and life safety assessment includes an inspection of your facility to determine if your facility is prepared for an emergency, gives due consideration to the occupants of the facility and is compliant under regulations and Australian Standards. We are based in Sydney and service all of Australia.Call us on 02 8883 1694 to discuss your needs with one of our consultants today. Workplace Emergency Management will prepare the occupants of your facility to respond to a workplace fire safely, by giving them the knowledge and understanding of what a fire is, and the know how to extinguish it by the teaching of theory and the practical use of real emergency equipment at your facility. Within the training sessions we cover the main priorities in a workplace fire emergency situation, how to respond, how to alert others, how to assess the type & size of the fire, what action to take, who to report to as well as technical aspects of fire itself. The practical aspects of the training include the correct and safe use & operation of onsite firefighting equipment such as fire blankets, hose reels and fire extinguishers. Workplace Emergency Management offers standalone fire extinguisher training to enable confident and safe operation of fire extinguishers in a workplace fire. We will guide you to have the Emergency Equipment to provide you with protection if needed. LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. As with all aspects of the TAM Health and Safety software, TAM's Fire Risk Assessment template and Fire Safety is not just about producing documents to meet various legal requirements, but to also ensure the actions specified in the documentation are actually carried out.
Therefore, any actions that are set out in your Fire Risk Assessment template will be tracked by TAM until completed.

TAM's Fire Risk Assessment software provides you with a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment template. Since a Fire Risk Assessment is generally reviewed only once a year, TAM helps you by providing detailed instructions for each section of the Fire Risk Assessment template and guides you along each step of the way.
Also, to make life easier for you, TAM will automatically populate large parts of the Fire Risk Assessment template and the fire safety management plan, with details that can be found in other parts of TAM.
General overview and description of the premises and the fire precautions that exist on site.
To start with, TAM's Fire Risk Assessment template will ask you to identify potential sources of ignition and fuel for each Geographical AreaYour workplace is divided into Geographical Areas on TAM and covers all areas inside and outside were staff and contractors may venture as part of their work. TAM's Fire Risk Assessment template also provides you with a simple and easy-to-understand fire precautions and fire safety checklist to help you assess your existing arrangements.
For all of the above, you can then use the Fire Risk Assessment template to create TasksYou create Tasks using TAM's task generator. If you are inspected by the Fire and Rescue Authorities, the enforcing authorities of the Fire Safety Order, they are likely to want to see your Fire Safety Policy template and what your management arrangements are.
This section is about making sure your existing fire precautions are properly maintained and kept in good working order. To help you do this, TAM's Fire Risk Assessment template provides you with a series of Checks and Logs, such as: fire safety checklist, fire extinguishers checklist, emergency lighting checklist, emergency exits checklist, etc. And there is no need for you to "reinvent the wheel" as these fire safety checklist templates are already pre-populated with the checks that TAM thinks ought to be carried out.
It is very easy for you to edit these fire safety checklist templates, delete or add to them, should you not agree with what TAM has proposed.
All you need to do is to assign each fire safety checklist to a person, Position or Shift Role (see Shift Management)and then confirm the scheduling, i.e. Once a fire safety checklist has been carried out by a member of your staff, that person will need to log the results on TAM.
This section allows you to create any types of TasksYou create Tasks using TAM's task generator. This section for Fire Safety Training uses another tool within TAM, which is the main Training module (see Training Management), however, by also being able to view all training related to Fire Safety in one place, it is easier for you to manage these. The Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan sets out what ought to happen in case there is a fire or similar emergency. If you have not done one already, you'll be pleased to know that TAM provides a Fire Evacuation Plan template that you can edit to reflect your own unique situation. Nevertheless, those of your staff that are non-users will still have access to the Fire Evacuation Plan on TAM at any time free of charge (although no training records are kept for non-users). No additional work is required for this section, as TAM automatically pulls this information together from other parts of the system.
This information package includes amongst other things, the locations and details of any chemicals you have on site that are deemed a fire risk, etc.
This section of the Fire Risk Assessment template simply displays all TasksYou create Tasks using TAM's task generator. The last section of the Fire Risk Assessment template schedules the annual review of the Fire Risk Assessment and your Fire Safety arrangements, and keeps a record of this review so that you can show it to the authorities if needed. Driven by demand from operators and drilling contractors, the facility has the capacity to train approximately 1,000 people annually in major emergency management, in addition to other course offerings in health, safety and assessor training. Courses are accredited by IADC and OPITO, while a number of courses are specifically developed based on clients’ needs.
Flexibility in the classrooms allows courses to be adapted to meet the needs of different clients.
As always we were very impressed by the professionalism of the Pinnacle team, from the first meeting you and I had at the start of the planning, through to the delivering of the demonstrations on the day.

From the organisation and professionalism shown by Courtney in the office, to the training given by Jay - who is by far the best trainer I've ever been taught by. Most importantly we tailor our work to you and your workplace, so we can get your workplace fully compliant in less than two weeks! Workplace Emergency Management will develop emergency procedures and train in those procedures for your business, to be able respond to a bushfire, taking into account all of the unique factors of your facility that would be likely to have an impact during a bush fire. TAM will also help you monitor overall progress through its Real Time Health and Safety Audit dashboard, which offers a quick overview of any outstanding issues. Once you have completed it the first time around, future reviews of the Fire Risk Assessment should be a simple process.
This will not only save you time, but help ensure contradictions in the documentation are less likely to happen. Once you have filled this section out, it will generally only require minor adjustments during future reviews.
These details will then automatically populate the various checklists on TAM that will help you maintain and service the same fire precautions (e.g.
As this already exists in your standard format Health and Safety Policy, this is simply copied across into this section.
This section naming the staff that are responsible for the different aspects of Fire Safety already exists in your Health and Safety Policy on TAM, and TAM, therefore, has again simply copied this section across for you. TAM will store the logged results from the check and flag up any problems that were discovered. As a result you will be able to specify who should receive this training, how frequently staff need to do refresher courses, and whether the initial training and refreshers can be "self-training" or need to be "instructor led". All you need to do is to print off a copy to have ready to give to the Fire and Rescue Services in the event you have a fire. Tony Littler, Petrofac’s regional director of the Americas, said companies are looking to emergency management courses to help their crews know what to do if and when things go wrong. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion.
Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion.
You are then asked to identify the people especially at risk in case of fire, and to specify what your plans and controls are to assist these people so that you can build this into your fire evacuation plan. To save you time, we have already drafted this section for you and all you need to do is to edit the text to reflect your own arrangements. If you are satisfied with the checks that TAM has proposed, the process of setting up fire safety checklists will take seconds. TAM will then keep detailed staff training records for future reference provided your staff are Users on TAM.
We embed the delegates into the training room and create a very realistic environment in which the delegates quickly realize that they’re not in a classroom anymore. The information and activities were very relevant to our business, and the demonstrations were delivered in a way that was easily understood by all. It is essentially the same as the Task and Action Management tool at the heart of TAM, however, TAM recommends you keep TasksYou create Tasks using TAM's task generator.

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