Having a good understanding of one of your core customer groups, your employees, is an important aspect of managing a business. There are many vendors who can help you develop and implement an employee satisfaction survey process. Smaller organizations can start by creating a survey themselves just to get a feel for how employees perceive their work environment.
A well thought out and clear communication of the “why” the survey is done is important.  Employees need to know the organization desires to create a positive employee experience.
Train managers to not overreact to negative comments but to use them as a growth opportunity. Make sure the plan is implemented by incorporating the improvement efforts into employee goals. Enter your email below to receive FREE articles to help you manage your organization better!

The simple employee performance diagnostic tool below can assist managers in better uncovering the causes of poor performance and managing employee performance issues. Avoiding or hurriedly diagnosing poor work performance problems adds a significant cost burden to businesses. The diagnostic flow chart featured above is just one of the many useful tools contained in our popular template pack. Check out our customizable and professionally presented forms and worksheets for your key training activities. The flow chart is best used to guide a structured discussion with the poorly performing employee during a face-to-face performance discussion. It is not a replacement for manager training in performance management related skills, such as goal setting and giving and receiving feedback.
Equipping managers and supervisors with the tools and skills required to accurately identify the real cause of an employee's substandard performance will pay dividends for your bottom line.

Purchasers of the pack also receive full instructions on how to use the flow chart for maximum benefit. However, wherever poor work performance is not properly diagnosed and confronted, the costs are great in lost productivity, rising customer complaints and lost profits. With more than 20 customizable templates and guides, this pack will help you with all facets of running your training function.

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