But there is also a need to keep employees happy and productive, because high staff turnover is incredibly taxing on profitability and can seriously undermine business capacity.
In a global marketplace, competition to attract and retain staff across all levels of delivery and management is increasingly an issue.
What we didn’t know back then, however, was how easy and accessible it would become for UC to be a major, beneficial factor in the workplace.
Whatever a business, its employees are instrumental to its success and keeping them happy pays off. Which is why every business that is looking to succeed has to make the best use of UC, for its staff’s sake as much as its own. Scott joined MeetingZone in May 2015 and is responsible for implementing and driving UC Strategy within our partner portfolio. Full biography Full biographyScott joined MeetingZone in May 2015 and is responsible for implementing and driving UC Strategy within our partner portfolio.

With the launch of UHS' new HRIS system, MSI's co-branded solution is currently under development. Brochures, handouts, posters, and banner stands were developed in support of Elkhart General Hospital's benefits communications. MSI's internal project management, graphic design, and fulfillment capabilities streamlined the quarterly production of Rockwell Petroleum's Round Up employee newsletters. An illuminating article by one of our most trusted display manufacturing partners, Planar Systems, regarding the role of digital displays in the workplace. Retaining staff means fewer training periods and more experienced workers, without time and expertise lost in handovers, actively saving a company money while maintaining optimal levels of productivity. Employers often demand huge commitment in terms of time and availability while prospective employees will often look to those that offer the best flexibility in terms of working schedules and it is here that the use of up-to-date and easily accessible unified communications [UC] pays dividends. Multiple, personally owned devices from smart phones to iPads to laptops combined with exceptionally robust and secure software, unifies not only communication but also the staff who need to communicate with each other, and this has become increasingly valuable as business operations play out across national and international boundaries.

If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the MeetingZone website. Did you know digital signage can help increase productivity, foster innovation and provide a valuable platform for internal communication in the workplace? This has been further enhanced by Cloud-based facilities, ensuring access to files and communication tools anywhere, any time. At Spye we maximize the value of your digital signage investment and optimize your content strategy for sustainable ROI.

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