The training was a fantastic opportunity for Weipa police to get an insight into how the Weipa Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) operates. The Executive Officer of the Cairns District Disaster Management Group (DDMG), Senior Sergeant Owen Kennedy said, “The Queensland Police Service since 2010 have been proactively working in building latent capacity in remote townships such as Weipa. In times of need such as extreme weather event like cyclones police who live and work in these remote areas provide critical leadership and support to councils.
In addition to the training on Tuesday, Mr Rinaudo conducted training for the Weipa and Napranum Local Disaster Management Groups (LDMG), which included representatives from the Napranum Shire Council, Weipa Town Authority, AQIS, QAS and the QPS.
The course objectives encouraged participants to describe plans and to  understand the role of disaster management group members when developing plans. The group are also able to  describe the requirement for plans in accordance with the Disaster Management Act 2003, and understand the risk management process and how this informs disaster management planning. The Director of Disaster Management Services, Emergency Management Queensland, Brian Cox, sums up the situation with floods in Ipswich, Bundaberg, Gympie, Lockyer Valley and Brisbane. EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: In Brisbane we're joined by Brian Cox of Emergency Management Queensland.

Can you tell us, Brian Cox, first up, what is the biggest challenge facing emergency services in Queensland at this point in time?BRIAN COX, DISASTER MGMT SERVICES, EMQ: The biggest change is making sure we've got the right people in the right place to respond to the ever-increasing flood levels that we're seeing at the moment.
But obviously, as you just heard with the mayor, one of our biggest challenges today was actually putting together that evacuation. Once we realised that those water levels could not be crossed by SES flood boats or swiftwater rescue crews, we immediately put together a team to actually get those air assets together.
We're also gonna have to consider helping the evacuation of the hospital itself, so there's some critical care patients we need to look at there.
They're actually spread everything from remote and isolated communities that have already been affected in the central areas, all the way down to as we're seeing the rises in Ipswich and then flowing on down to Warwick which we're planning for at the moment. So it's actually if you look at it and break the state up into three main areas; the northern part, we're dealing with the after-effects right now and the clean-up and the damage assessments for the reconstruction to begin.
The local and the district groups have done a magnificent job in standing up to look after their own communities and we have just been responding to those urgent requests for assistance and we thank the Commonwealth for their support. Is that still the message?BRIAN COX: Only in those areas that are going to be affected by flood and you can't get out.

How does that increase the risks to property and I guess obviously to people?BRIAN COX: Oh, look, absolutely, with rising floodwaters, you can't afford - people get caught or trapped into those at significant risk.
But also if you put crews in that particular environment, imagine the debris that's being swept down.
We can't afford to put even the swiftwater rescue crews at risk as they go to rescue people. Have you seen any evidence of that so far?BRIAN COX: Oh, look, I haven't seen the houses being swept away, but I've certainly seen the impact on houses and the significant damage they've caused. It's so widespread and fast-moving in this particular case, but we're not seeing the consistent rain in the same place causing those rivers to rise as we have done in previous years.

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